Tango-Lowy believes that savouring chocolate is a full sensory experience - from the moment the customer feasts their eyes on the intricate artistry of the creation, to the second the choc- olate touches their tongue, to the enjoyment of all of the flavours and textures, to the after - taste. He is fascinated by the feelings that his creations provoke as he meticulously calculates how each piece will transform his customers as it is consumed. Customers often lament that Dancing Lion Chocolate’s creations are “too beautiful to eat,” but Tango-Lowy disagrees and challenges his customers to embrace his art as part of their everyday life. “Art is meant to be embraced and experienced.” He compares it to a street artist who creates chalk drawings on pavement. The artist knows that their drawings are temporary, but they are meant to be admired and enjoyed in the moment.

CHOCOLATE AS ART! DANCING LION CHOCOLATE I n our conversation with Richard Tango-Lowy of Dancing Lion Chocolate, we learn how Richard, a theoretical physicist who once worked in the aerospace industry, now uses his skills to ratio- nalize, explain and predict natural phenomena to transition himself into a successful entrepreneur with an unquestionable passion for his craft and an ability to make amazing chocolates that are as pleasing to the eye as they are your mouth. Tango-Lowy also touches on why acting as a mentor is important to him and how he continues to hone his skills as both a renowned chocolatier and businessperson. by Christi Rideout

We promise no references to the “Big Bang Theory” in this article, but once you see and taste one of Dancing Lion Chocolates you will think they are from out of this world. ‘CHOCOLATE IS ART. AND AS ART, SHE IS MAGNIFICENT.’ These are the sentiments of master chocolatier Richard Tango-Lowy. Spotlight magazine was so fortunate to have an in-depth conversation with Tango-Lowy about his passion for his craft and how he has honed his skills to become a renowned chocolatier. For Tango-Lowy, “Chocolate did not happen on purpose.” A theoretical physicist who once worked in aerospace research, Tango-Lowy’s first career was heavily science based. However, what he would come to realize over the years, and still believes to this day, is that ‘science and art are interchangeable.’

“Art ismeant tobeembraced and experienced.”

A life-long chocolate lover, Tango-Lowy tells us that he has always enjoyed fine chocolate. However, his interest peaked in 1995 when he first encountered the ‘true soul of chocolate.’ Newly discovered cacao beans started produc- ing more sophisticated flavours and he became fascinated with the science behind why people enjoy certain flavour combinations over others. “I was slowly drawn in and wanted to learn more. I started creating, and making delicious choco- late became a science experiment”, shared Tan- go-Lowy. When Tango-Lowy confided to his wife that he had dreams of becoming a chocolatier, she was skeptical at first of the business viability of chocolate. However, he was undeterred and was determined to convince her that they could fulfill his mission of “making a living and having a good time doing it.” He quickly got to work, methodi-

“science and art are interchangeable.”





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