cally developing a business plan that took him over a year.

Dancing Lion Chocolate serves a very loyal clien- tele of no specific demographic that trusts the product and will pay a premium price for choco- late they know is guaranteed to please. A typical customer recognizes the passion and commit- ment to the process of creating each exquisite bonbon. Tango-Lowy is flattered that he has had patrons that ‘hold their money dear’ but are willing to part with it to enjoy his craft. It is not only customers who are drawn to the company’s mission and vision, but also the employees. Tango-Lowy is elated that his staff would rather be working at his shop than doing anything else. The staff all share his passion for creating high quality products and he insists that anyone he brings on board must be “self-moti- vated and extremely good at what they do.” He is willing to “push them to the limits,” and he expects nothing less from himself. Tango-Lowy tells us that he prepares lunch for his staff each day and that they use their break to talk about strategic planning. He highly values their ideas and shared passion for the business. Currently, Tango-Lowy has three core employees, a part time employee, and an employee who manages public relations for the business. They all share the shop’s vision “to surprise and delight custom- ers with perfect customer service while offering the highest quality products.” They operate under the philosophy that their customers should be “blown away” every time.

“I was slowly drawn in and wanted to learn more. I started creating, and making delicious chocolate became a science experiment”

The business was born in 2007 in a humble kitchen that Tango-Lowy rented to experiment and create. There was no store front at that time, and customers shopped by appointment only. It was in that space that the business gained its original loyal following. After years of studying and practicing his craft and much perseverance to bring his dream to fruition, Tango-Lowy officially opened his first store, Dancing Lion Chocolate, in 2011 in Man- chester, New Hampshire. Many people think of Paris or New York as premiumdestinations to open a business catering to customers with a sophisticated palate, but Tango-Lowy ‘couldn’t think of a better place to open than his hometown.’ Manchester is not your typical tourist destination, but it’s location between Boston and Montreal was the right fit. Tango-Lowy recognizes that location is every bit as important as finding customers with an appre - ciation for his artful creations.

“self-motivated and extreme- ly good at what they do.”





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