It is easy to imagine that Tango-Lowy’s employees would feel lucky to learn from one of the best in the business. Tango-Lowy graduated with honors from Ecole Chocolat in Vancouver and has earned his Master Chocolatier designations from Ecole Du Grand Chocolat Vairhona in Tain L’Hermitage, France and Ecole Chocolat’s Master Chocolatier course in Tuscany. Not only does Tango-Lowy mentor his employees but is also happy to share his knowledge with other chocolatiers in the industry. His philosophy, unlike the universe itself, is that “there are no secrets.” He wants his city to be as good as it can be, he wants the farmers to do well and wants other chocolatiers to make the best quality product they can. In doing so, the industry is strength- ened. Education is of utmost importance to Tango-Lowy. He strongly believes that consumers need to know why good chocolate is worth paying for. It is important to Tango-Lowy that consumers under- stand the bean to bar process that focuses on the production of high-quality beans through a sus- tainable supply chain.

Tango-Lowy’s commitment to the farmers that cultivate cacao beans is translated through dona- tions to infrastructure to help farmers in the coun- tries where he conducts business. He has given $5000 to provide school supplies to students in Guatemala and after the devastating hurricane that hit two years ago in Puerto Rico, Dancing Lion Chocolate donated solar radios, lights and water filters. Dancing Lion Chocolate has enjoyed success in the industry however, owning a business is not always smooth sailing. Tango-Lowy recognizes the power of community in dealing with the ups and downs of running a business, and he regular- ly brings local business owners together to share their challenges and exchange ideas. Although the Covid pandemic has been a detri- ment to many businesses across the globe, Tan- go-Lowy says it has been both “a blessing and a curse.” While they were forced to close their café for seating temporarily and miss chatting with their customers in the shop, online sales have skyrocketed, compensating for the change. Spotlight strongly encourages readers to check out Dancing Lion Chocolate at cacao/ where you can order online or you can visit them at 917 Elm Street in Manchester, New Hampshire.

“there are no secrets.”





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