COMMUNICATION Monk promises to keep you informed from the first site visit to the final invoice. Clear and concise communication is the key to maintaining any healthy relationship and eliminates surprises. Monk Renovations has built credibility in the ren- ovation industry and Dan is called upon repeat- edly for media interviews and can be heard reg- ularly as an expert guest on CBC Radio Maritime Noon along with his monthly column in Spotlight on Business Magazine, “Contractor’s Corner” where Dan is very generous in sharing his wealth of knowledge with those in and outside of the industry along with readers that are looking to start a renovation or building related project. Dan also does a weekly check in on social media every Thursday to see how other entrepreneurs are doing and to give a little pep talk or some words of advice before signing off with, “until we meet again face to face,” having a little fun with the restrictions and social distancing because of Covid-19.

“we are a stable, profession- al business, committed to our customers and our commu- nity, doing the right thing is always the right thing to do.”

RESPECT Monk promises to be respectful of your living space. Their workplace is your home, and they make every effort to keep it feeling that way, inside and out. The last number of years have been incredible for Monk. They received numerous Peak Awards for Renovator of the Year and Most Outstanding Residential Kitchen and Addition Renovations. They also received their RenoMark Certification through the Canadian Home Builders’ Associa- tion – Nova Scotia. This certification identifies them as a renovation contractor who has agreed to a code of ethics and a renovation-specific code of conduct set by the Canadian Home Builders’ Association. Dan has built his business by doing the simple things like showing up on time, keeping clients informed, respecting the homes they work in, and doing projects for the price they agreed upon. These are all simple little things, but they mean the world to clients who are not accus- tomed to contractors who do all the little things and do them well. In an industry where word- of-mouth marketing and referrals are imper- ative, Monk has an ever-growing network of amazing clients, suppliers, and subcontractors who spread the word of Monk’s honesty, pro- fessionalism, and concise communication. It says a lot when a client is so proud of a contractor’s workmanship and customer service that they are eager to recommend a particular renovator to their family and friends and for that they are humbled and thankful. Dan’s passion for his industry, belief in his com- munity and helping others reach their entrepre- neurial dreams are and will continue to be the foundation of Monk Renovations.

to rise to the top of their industry. However, Dan is quick to point out that he could not do it all on his own, much of the success and recognition is a result of the team he has built. Rob McLean (estimator/project manager) and Janet Hodgson (project coordinator) are only two of the many team members and other skilled tradespeople that make up the Monk Team not to mention Monk’s connections to reliable suppliers and sub- contractors. Each carpenter on the Monk team is a multi-talented and accomplished individual who can complete virtually every aspect of a renova- tion. Dan also comments that none of this would have been possible without the encouragement and support of his wife of 26 years, Angela, who also has a demanding career as a registered nurse, especially during these past thirteen months. She has supported him in every way possible which has allowed him to grow a dynamic and successful renovation company and manage countless sup- pliers and sub-trades. Do not think that Dan’s kids are not actively involved in the business either. Daniel, Dan’s son, has gotten his hands dirty on the jobsite many times as he was also bitten by the engineering bug, graduating with a Mechanical Engineering Degree from Dalhousie University, and now working for IMP Aerospace & Defense. Ceiledh, Dan’s daughter, plays an active role in the business while studying towards her International Business Degree from Carleton University, while she manages the company’s social media and marketing efforts, but don’t think for a minute that she is not willing to jump in at the jobsite when the need calls.

“until we meet again face to face,”





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