Commitment for Dan and his team goes beyond what the customer can see and being profes- sional in not just a word they use it is something that the business takes seriously and is part of everything that they do. That is why you see the “Monk Renovations” on their vehicles and trailers and on their gear that is worn at the job site. It is to keep them accountable to their commitment to professionalism. It is not too often that you see Dan without some type of Monk Renovations branded gear on and it is not just about the mar- keting it is because he is proud of the company that he and his team have built and what they are able to give back to the community. HONESTY Monk promises to be honest in all aspects of their business interactions, from estimating project timelines, materials, and job costs, to making rec- ommendations and providing solutions. Monk Renovations’ heart and soul remains focused on residential renovations allowing them

PROFESSIONALISM Monk promises to be professional in all aspects of their business, from how they work with their clients, subcontractors, and suppliers, to hiring and managing employees. Consistency in craftsmanship, quality, and excep- tional experiences only happens when everyone on the team shares the same values and princi- pals. Client satisfaction is paramount for Dan, and he wants to ensure that every client receives the same level of service whether he’s on the job site or not. Working for Monk is considered a privilege they won’t just hire anyone off the street who can sling a hammer. Their carpenters are skilled, and trained professionals who will always greet you with a smile (it’s a job description requirement). Dan personally screens candidates to ensure they embody his core beliefs: take pride in your work, do the job right, keep the clients up-to-date, and keep them singing our praises! Their efforts for consistency ensure that when you refer Monk to a friend, you know that they are going to be in good hands and will receive the same star-quality treatment. Monk doesn’t compromise, as Dan says, “when I started the business, the first thing I did was to register my business with the Registry of Joint Stock Companies and get my tax number. Yes, I am a tax collector: I run my business professional- ly, I charge taxes, I give receipts. I know there are a lot of tradesmen who run one-man shops and will work under the table: my thinking is, these guys have just told you they are okay cheating the government. Don’t be surprised if they end up cheating you.” Dan goes on to say, “we are a stable, professional business, committed to our customers and our community, doing the right thing is always the right thing to do.” “I run my business profes- sionally, I charge taxes, I give receipts.”





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