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March 20 officially marks the first day of spring, and as people all over the U.S. start readying their farms and gardens for the upcoming months of rain showers and sunlight, the concept of growth is at the forefront of their minds. Whether it pertains to perennials or people, growth brings transformation and change. When I consider all the changes that have occurred in my own life over my three years at Smart Real Estate Coach, I’m constantly reminded of how much this job has helped me grow as an individual. Prior to my role on the team, I graduated from UMass Dartmouth with a degree in marketing and a minor in finance. For four years, I was a personal trainer by day and a bartender by night. Up until my mid-20s, I could function on long hours and little sleep, but I soon realized that I needed to try my hand at something new. I had an interest in real estate investment, so I reached out to Chris to see how I could help the team. MY BEGINNINGS AT SMART REAL ESTATE COACH How My Experience Can Help Current and Future Associates By Zach Beach

When I started at Smart Real Estate Coach, there were only six Associates, but we were hellbent on growing and scaling the company. Since I was joining with little real estate experience, “I’m a walking, talking example of what we teach our Associates — if I can go from zero to well over 100 deals, they certainly can too!” I immersed myself in the material provided to me by Chris and Nick. I learned all the steps associated with buying and selling on terms and started doing deals of my own. I worked to

simultaneously increase my awareness and my income, and I focused heavily on my own personal development. In just three years, the team has grown from having six Associates to 54! This growth is a direct result of our team’s ability to learn new strategies, make goals, and work together. When I’m meeting with our Associates, I like to tell them the story of how I started at Smart Real Estate Coach because my experience is emblematic of the mindset we impart to them when they join our program. You don’t need prior experience to succeed in real estate investment; you just need the right mentor, the right tools and resources, and a healthy dose of personal determination to help you get there. I’m a walking, talking example of what we teach our Associates — if I can go from zero to well over 100 deals, they certainly can too!




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