observed,imploringmembers tosettletheir


Seeing red

personal differences.

On several occasions, some of the more

Richer cited a comment by Councillor

vociferous critics of the four have called for

DianeMonette – “The showbegins” – when

their resignations.

Saywell began his defence. “This is not

Still, other ratepayers have been more



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respectful. I do not accept this. Often people

measured in their rebukes, suggesting that

here are treated impolitely,” said Richer.

the bickering was distracting council from

Councillor Noël Baril said that the group

the real problems facing the municipality.

Citizens of Grenville-sur-la-Rouge are

of four was also fed up with the hostile

During another heatedmeeting recently,

worried infighting is preventing their

atmosphere. “We are tired of being insulted

Jacqueline Richer, a long-time community

municipal council from dealing with the

and criticized,” he said.

activist, urged council to end the

municipality’s pressing issues.

The irony, of course, is that “harmony”

confrontational tone that prevails at the

While four councillors have approved

was a main plank of Saywell’s platform in


a vote of non-confidence against Mayor

the December, 2010 mayoralty election

Members have demonstrated a lack of

John Saywell, residents have also

campaign which was held after Jean-Marc

respect for each other and taxpayers, she

expressed their lack of confidence in their

Saywell (above), Baril exchangebarbs,


Fillion stepped down because of health

reasons, one year after succeeding Gary


Relations soured shortly after Saywell

became mayor by defeating Michel

Brosseau, a former mayor, by a margin of

574 to 445.

Tension came to a head in late January

when Baril, Monette and Councillors Alain

Carrière and Pierre Lessard approved the

vote of non-confidence against the mayor.

Councillors Teresa Ogle-Foreman and

Daniel Gauthier have backed Saywell, who

has dismissed as “frivolous” claims that he

is autocratic and disregards regulations.

According to the four, the vote of non-

confidence means that the mayor cannot

take any action or make any promises

without the approval of council.

Meanwhile, Saywell, who has

maintained he has merely been doing his

job, has threatened to take legal action

against his detractors. Baril has threatened

to sue Saywell for alleging he had ordered

the municipality to deliver sand to Les

Sources Véo, a Rouge River business where

Baril is manager. The delivery of eight tons

of sand, purchased at a cost of $128, was

done by a private contractor who hadmade

arrangements with a municipal employee,

says Baril. “I paid for the sand. There was

no freebee,” he insists.


for the resignation of the four, says that

LE PLACEMENT GARANTI À TAUX BONIFIÉ «5 DANS 1»: UNE EXCELLENTE MANIÈRE DE RÉALISER VOS PROJETS. Un placement rachetable dont le capital et le rendement sont garantis pendant 5 ans. Vous pouvez ainsi investir à long terme tout en profitant annuellement de l’évolution des taux et d’une bonification fixe.

Baril has broken the council’s code of ethics,


which stipulates no member can use

municipal resources for personal purposes.

“You are not above the law,” declared

Gary Cowan, stating that if Baril does not

quit he ought to be forced to step down.

One of themany complaints the group of


Rencontrez votre conseiller de Desjardins pour en discuter et ajouter ce placement à votre REER ou à votre CELI.


to a tax arrears payment with Villégiature

Lac Carling. Under the January 10, 2011

agreement, the company paid $99,739 in

taxes in three instalments in January,

February and March. The mayor said he

was merely signing a receipt for the three



However, Brosseau, who also chastised

the four, allowed they had a point. The

mayor cannot incur an expense greater

than $25 without the approval of council,

he said.


Lerendementpeutvarierd’uneannéeà l’autre,car lestauxde l’épargneàtermed’unanpeuventaugmenteroudiminuer.Lerendementtotalduplacementneseraconnuqu’à l’échéance.Leplacementest rachetableouconvertiblechaqueannéeàcertainesconditions.

the non-confidence vote. In 2009, she did

not back Brosseau when he brought a non-

confidence motion against Cowan.

The next elections are scheduled to be

held at the end of 2013.

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