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So, you’ve decided to get a dog. Maybe you think your kids could use a new playmate, or maybe you and your spouse want someone to join you on morning walks. Whatever the reason, the next question is where to get them. Instead of paying exorbitant amounts of money to a breeder for a purebred puppy, why not check the local shelter or humane society? October is Adopt a Shelter Dog Month, and, if you’re looking to get a dog, here are a few reasons to check the shelters first. It’s Cheaper to Adopt Adoption prices include the upfront expenses, such as spaying, neutering, and vaccinations, that you wouldn’t get from a breeder or pet store. Some shelters even include the cost of microchipping in their fee. If you adopt from a shelter, you’re ensured a healthy, happy dog. With some shelter dogs, you may also save on housebreaking and training costs. Lots of Choices Is there a specific breed you’re looking for? Chances are you will find it at the shelter. Shelter dogs come in all shapes, sizes, and ages. Some organizations rescue specific breeds, and with a little research, you may find one near you. Even if you don’t find the breed you’re looking Where Should I Get a Dog? Even though it went off the air several years ago, its presence on streaming services ensures “The Office” still gets laughs from viewers everywhere. This satire about office life rightly focuses on character relationships, which means some of the more mundane, logistical aspects of working in an office — like filing a personal injury claim — aren’t covered. That being said, the Dunder Mifflin Paper Company probably had its fair share of claims from its employees over the years. Hit by a Car The cold open of the first episode of Season 4 starts with a bang — or maybe a thud . As Michael is catching a cameraman up on what’s been happening in his life, he hits Meredith with his car in the Dunder Mifflin parking lot with a company car. Those two factors alone would have guaranteed Meredith would receive compensation from the company. Thankfully, she at least got an apology from Michael at the end of the episode. Hardcore Parkour While the extent of Andy’s injuries from his failed parkour attempt are never made clear in the Season 6 opener, it probably wasn’t easy to walk away from jumping off a roof and into a cardboard box meant for a refrigerator. It’s not clear if Andy’s personal injury claim would


for, you may find an indispensable companion in a breed you weren’t looking for — and you never would have found them if you didn’t check the shelters. Great for Your Kids Having a dog can be great for your kids, and getting it from a shelter can be even better for them. Dogs encourage kids to play outside and be more active, and kids gain a friend who loves them unconditionally. Plus, if you adopt, the act of giving an unwanted animal a new home can teach your kids empathy. Jack is a Rescue Dog Too! Jack was surrenderd to a shelter by no fault of his own. He then traveled from Collie Rescue of the Carolina’s to Connecticut. As a therapy dog, Jack works many varieties of venues, bringing joy and happiness to all. Jack is the perfect example of the wonderful pets awaiting adoption, and of adopting a pure bred dog from a breed-specific organization. If you still haven’t checked your local shelter for the newest member of your family, what are you waiting for? Find a furry friend you and your kids will love today!


hold up, though. Even though it happened on company property, a court might rule that parkour deviated from his work responsibilities and dismiss the claim.

Destroying the Warehouse

The warehouse at Dunder Mifflin was often a place for secret meetings of all kinds, safe from the madness of the office. But Michael’s antics know no bounds. In one episode, Michael knocks over two sets of shelves while improperly operating a forklift. While no one is immediately shown injured, Michael’s mistake did lead to a more dangerous work environment that puts the warehouse employees at risk. As funny as “The Office” is, work-related injuries are no joke. If you need representation for a workers’ compensation claim or if you have gotten hurt at work, call The Law Offices of Paul Levin today.

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