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Taking Advantage of Fall in Connecticut

There’s no question about it — Connecticut has one of the best- looking autumn seasons in the whole country. Whether you see multicolored foliage driving around the state or hear the leaves crunching underfoot as you walk down the sidewalk, fall is hard to ignore in New England. However, throughout the state, there are still countless opportunities to immerse yourself even further in the autumn festivities. There’s a chance many of you have partaken in one or all of these activities, but some of you may not have. When it comes to seasonal options in and around our own hometowns, many of us take them for granted. After all, we live here, right? We can do those things anytime we want, so why not now? Become a tourist in your hometown this fall, when the air is crisp and ripe with pastimes that range from serene to spooky. You won’t regret it. Leaf Peeping The air is cool, and the skies are clear, but the dark days of winter will be upon us before we know it. So why not take advantage of a few of those precious fall weekends in October to get out and see Connecticut’s countryside? From the Litchfield Hills to the scenic Long Island Sound coast line, the best time to get out and view the reds, oranges, and yellows of our forests is mid-to-late October. That’s when the colors will be at their most vibrant. As for the best leaf-peeping locations in the area, you can’t go wrong with Talcott Mountain State Park, Peoples State Forest, or Shenipsit State Forest. Whether you hike or drive, be sure to take plenty of pictures. Apple Orchards and Pumpkin Fields Connecticut’s harvest heritage is too rich too ignore, and what better way to take advantage of it than by embarking on a trip to the best

orchards and pumpkin patches this side of the Mississippi? You could settle for apple cider or jack-o’-lanterns from the grocery store, or you could make a day out of it outdoors and come home with everything you need to create your fall favorites yourself. Connecticut has no shortage of apple orchards and pumpkin patches with rave reviews. Places like Karabin Farms in Southington and Belltown Hill Orchards in South Glastonbury are part of a long list of farms that come highly recommended for both apple and pumpkin picking. Haunted Houses and Hayrides Connecticut boasts a rich and fascinating history, which everyone in the state promptly takes advantage of for the month of Halloween with haunted tours of all kinds. Whether you want to visit a colonial cemetery, a ghostly Victorian mansion, or a zombie-infested hayride, our state has you covered for some of the spookiest happenings in New England. In the Hartford area, now is the best time of year to swing by the Mark Twain House for nighttime tours and creepy stories about the famous author’s interest in the supernatural. If you’re looking for something to really scare you, check out the Nightmare Acres trail in South Windsor. These tours may not be for the faint of heart, but they are undeniably a key piece of autumn in Connecticut. Whatever it is you decide to do during these few short months before we all have to hunker down for the harsh New England winter, don’t let time get away from you. There’s too much to see and do to be content just letting the season fly by with the autumn breeze.

–Paul, Kelly, and Larry

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So, you’ve decided to get a dog. Maybe you think your kids could use a new playmate, or maybe you and your spouse want someone to join you on morning walks. Whatever the reason, the next question is where to get them. Instead of paying exorbitant amounts of money to a breeder for a purebred puppy, why not check the local shelter or humane society? October is Adopt a Shelter Dog Month, and, if you’re looking to get a dog, here are a few reasons to check the shelters first. It’s Cheaper to Adopt Adoption prices include the upfront expenses, such as spaying, neutering, and vaccinations, that you wouldn’t get from a breeder or pet store. Some shelters even include the cost of microchipping in their fee. If you adopt from a shelter, you’re ensured a healthy, happy dog. With some shelter dogs, you may also save on housebreaking and training costs. Lots of Choices Is there a specific breed you’re looking for? Chances are you will find it at the shelter. Shelter dogs come in all shapes, sizes, and ages. Some organizations rescue specific breeds, and with a little research, you may find one near you. Even if you don’t find the breed you’re looking Where Should I Get a Dog? Even though it went off the air several years ago, its presence on streaming services ensures “The Office” still gets laughs from viewers everywhere. This satire about office life rightly focuses on character relationships, which means some of the more mundane, logistical aspects of working in an office — like filing a personal injury claim — aren’t covered. That being said, the Dunder Mifflin Paper Company probably had its fair share of claims from its employees over the years. Hit by a Car The cold open of the first episode of Season 4 starts with a bang — or maybe a thud . As Michael is catching a cameraman up on what’s been happening in his life, he hits Meredith with his car in the Dunder Mifflin parking lot with a company car. Those two factors alone would have guaranteed Meredith would receive compensation from the company. Thankfully, she at least got an apology from Michael at the end of the episode. Hardcore Parkour While the extent of Andy’s injuries from his failed parkour attempt are never made clear in the Season 6 opener, it probably wasn’t easy to walk away from jumping off a roof and into a cardboard box meant for a refrigerator. It’s not clear if Andy’s personal injury claim would


for, you may find an indispensable companion in a breed you weren’t looking for — and you never would have found them if you didn’t check the shelters. Great for Your Kids Having a dog can be great for your kids, and getting it from a shelter can be even better for them. Dogs encourage kids to play outside and be more active, and kids gain a friend who loves them unconditionally. Plus, if you adopt, the act of giving an unwanted animal a new home can teach your kids empathy. Jack is a Rescue Dog Too! Jack was surrenderd to a shelter by no fault of his own. He then traveled from Collie Rescue of the Carolina’s to Connecticut. As a therapy dog, Jack works many varieties of venues, bringing joy and happiness to all. Jack is the perfect example of the wonderful pets awaiting adoption, and of adopting a pure bred dog from a breed-specific organization. If you still haven’t checked your local shelter for the newest member of your family, what are you waiting for? Find a furry friend you and your kids will love today!


hold up, though. Even though it happened on company property, a court might rule that parkour deviated from his work responsibilities and dismiss the claim.

Destroying the Warehouse

The warehouse at Dunder Mifflin was often a place for secret meetings of all kinds, safe from the madness of the office. But Michael’s antics know no bounds. In one episode, Michael knocks over two sets of shelves while improperly operating a forklift. While no one is immediately shown injured, Michael’s mistake did lead to a more dangerous work environment that puts the warehouse employees at risk. As funny as “The Office” is, work-related injuries are no joke. If you need representation for a workers’ compensation claim or if you have gotten hurt at work, call The Law Offices of Paul Levin today.

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Too Weird to Be Made Up


We all react differently in situations when we’re scared. However, very few of us would think to file a lawsuit against the people we feel are responsible for our reactions. These cases are strange — with spotty justifications — and none of them left the courtroom with what they wanted, but their legal foibles make for great stories.

Careful What You Wish For One woman wanted to be scared, but just not that scared.

Unfortunately, the scares at Universal Studios’ Halloween Horror Nights are of the one-fright-fits-all variety. This unnamed woman left the attraction feeling she was unreasonably frightened by the haunted house, and she demanded compensation for her psychological trauma. But since she was not physically injured, and she willingly entered the horror event, her case was dismissed. The Killer Sandwich This sandwich packed a punch in all the wrong ways. As he was eating his Subway sandwich, one New York man was unpleasantly surprised to find a serrated kitchen knife baked into the bread. While he (fortunately) did not bite into the knife, he did claim to get sick from possible contaminants on the kitchen utensil. He sued for $1 million, but he was only awarded $20,000.

Forgetting to Factor the Risks When you watched Fear Factor, you knew what you were getting into. So, when one man tried to sue NBC for $2.5 million over his unexpected reaction to a segment on the show, “What did you expect?” was the resounding reaction of the court. While watching a Fear Factor challenge where contestants had to eat rats, this man apparently became nauseous and dizzy before throwing up. His case was promptly dismissed. Don’t let the many strange cases out there stop you from calling the Law Offices of Paul Levin if you have been injured in any manner. Our top attorneys can steer you in the right direction.




Candy Snack Mix

This recipe from Momofuku Milk Bar chef and “Master Chef” judge Christina Tosi makes great use of those extra Halloween goodies. It’s a quick and easy way to both elevate and get rid of unwanted leftovers.

Jack and Kelly are a certified therapy dog and handler team with Healers With Halos Therapy Dogs. Jack is a 7-year-old rescue collie adopted from Collie Rescue of the Carolinas. He is certified by the Reading Education Assistance Dogs (R.E.A.D.) program and attained his CGC title from the American Kennel Club. Jack works many venues, bringing comfort and happiness


Instructions • 2 cups mini pretzels, coarsely broken • 1/4 cup light brown sugar • 2 tbsp granulated sugar • 1/3 cup dry milk powder • 6 tbsp unsalted butter, melted • 12 oz mini candy bars, such as Snickers, chopped into 1/2-inch pieces 1. Heat oven to 275 F. 2. In a large mixing bowl, fold together pretzels, sugars, milk powder, and butter. 3. Spread mixture on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper and bake for 20 minutes. 4. Let cool for at least 30 minutes and mix in candy bar pieces before serving.

to the young and old alike.


Attorneys Paul Levin & Kelly Kasheta

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Today, some of the most fantastic discoveries are being made in the far reaches of space, but there was a time when people were more interested in what was going on beneath their feet. In the early 1820s, a United States army officer named John Cleves Symmes Jr. traveled the country teaching audiences about the Hollow Earth Theory. Symmes and some others at the time believed the Earth was made up of several solid spheres, one inside of another. They also believed each of these subterranean worlds was habitable and full of life. This is where the myth of the mole people originated. Symmes wanted to lead an expedition to the North Pole, where he believed he would find an entrance to the center of the Earth. He went to Congress and lobbied for money to fund his expedition. Congress shot him down, but Symmes found an ally in an unlikely place: President John Quincy Adams. John Quincy Adams was the sixth president of the United States and son of the second president and founding father, John Adams. He traveled the world with his father, graduated from Harvard with honors, helped create the national observatory, and secured funding for the Smithsonian Institution. It’s possible Adams’ interest in Symmes’ trip to the North Pole was less about the Hollow Earth Theory and meeting the mole people than his larger interest in learning more about such

a remote part of the world. However, Adams’ reputation as a naturalist didn’t protect him from scrutiny.

Even in the early 1800s, the Hollow Earth Theory was like the Flat Earth Theory today; there were a couple avid supporters, but most people knew it was ridiculous. Having a sitting U.S. president greenlight the expedition was shocking. However, you didn’t learn about Symmes’ expedition in your history class for a reason. Adams wasn’t a popular president, and not just because he might have wanted to meet the mole people. He only served one term. By the time the expedition started to get off the ground, Andrew Jackson had been elected, and he quickly killed the project. In 1936, Congress would approve funding for an expedition to the South Pole, though this expedition focused on exploring the surface of the Earth, not what is underneath it.

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