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5 kinds of fishing lures

Lures are designed to simulate live bait and have several other advantages. In addition to being less messy, they can help you cast further and target species more directly. Here are five kinds of commonly used lures. 1. PLUGS These hard-plastic lures are shaped and painted to resemble bait fish and other prey. They have a thin sheet of metal on one end, called a lip or bill, which makes the lure wobble. Types of plugs include cran- kbaits, minnows, wobblers, shallow-divers and deep-divers. 2. SPOONS These metal lures resemble a spoon wit- hout a handle. The concave shape causes them to wobble and reflect light, thereby resembling an injured bait fish, which is so- mething no game fish can resist.

of lures are designed to resemble worms, crawfish, lizards, frogs and other prey.

4. SPINNERBAITS These lures have one or more oval-shaped blades that spin rapidly and reflect light when pulled through the water. They imi- tate swimming bait fish like minnows and shiners, and they’re ideal for catching pre- datory species like bass, pike and perch. 5. BUZZBAITS There are different styles of buzzbait, but the defining feature of this type of lure is its ability to vibrate as it moves through the water. Buzzbaits are used primarily to tar- get bass in shallow water. Are you still wondering which type of lure to use? If so, the staff at your local tackle shop can help you pick out the best option for the fishing you’re doing.

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3. SOFT PLASTIC BAITS Used primarily for bass fishing, these types

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