2020 New Variety Catalog

Coreopsis 1imonGello ` ǶȓȚǶȓ

Coreopsis 1imonGello Golden ` ȓȞȓ

&uFrieta RoGO 4n Purple ` ǶȠȓǼȓ

• TLe Lardiest &uFrieta on tLe marOet perJeGt Jor nortLern perennial rock gardens • CompaGt lowgrowing alpine plants witL eZergreen Joliage

• Two Zarieties perJeGtly matGLed and designed speGifiGally Jor tLe landscape market • 1arge plants are first year flowering and put on a LeaZy sLow oJ blooms from early summer through frost • Great filler items to taOe up a large amount oJ spaGe in tLe garden


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