2020 New Variety Catalog

1aZandula Imperial ` ǶȓǼǶț

Gaura Graceful Magic | ǶȓǼǶǼ

• This French lavender has a beautiful Jringed graygreen Joliage • Imperial is a leader in the class of dentata types with exceptional flower power

• An excellent combination component with a dense mass of beautiful tricolor foliage • Plants LaZe darO pinO flowers emerging in late summer

Leucanthemum Sweet Daisy ReFeGGa ` ǶȓǼȎǼ • ReFeGGa Las a uniUue douFle flower form with an abundance of narrow fringed petals • This Leucanthemum continues to Floom Jor ȓȀ to ȓțweeOs continuously for an unstoppable summer show

Lavandula Papillon Lilac | ȚǶȚȚȀ • A new color addition to the Papillon series with large bracts coming on early in the season


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