International 2021/2022 (Novelties). Nowa Szkoła


Metals and their alloys in a suitcase HG0024

Fuel samples HG1016

Ceramic tiles – 12 dimples HG1001 Porcelain tile with 12 dimples for serological testing and chemical analysis

Rich collection of samples of metals and their alloys which can be particularly useful during biology or chemistry classes. All samples are kept in a comfor- table, wooden suitcase. • Suitcase: 30,5 x 20,5 x 5 cm; 12 plates: Fe (C2-4.3%) , Fe, Fe (C<2) , Fe - stainless steel, Cu – red copper; Cu, Pb, Al, Sn, Cu, Fe, Nl-Cr

Inside this aesthetic, wooden box are kept the models and samples showing fuels used in today's industry. • Case: 30 x 21 x 5cm.



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