International 2021/2022 (Novelties). Nowa Szkoła

Colourful construction triangles AO2016

of 4 triangles, grey parallelogram of 2 triangles, red rhombus of 2 triangles. The box in the shape of a smaller hexagon contains elements with the help of which it is possible to arrange regular polygons: 1 yellow triangle from 1 whole, 3 red diamonds consisting of 6 triangles, 1 green isosceles trapezoid made of 3 triangles and 1 grey hexagon made of 6 triangles. Two sets of triangles are placed in a rectangular box. One set consists of yellow, grey, green and red triangles forming regular quadrilaterals: 1 green square, 1 grey rectangle, 1 red trapezoid, 1 yellow rhombus, 1 green and 2 yellow parallelograms. Each quadrilateral is made up of two

triangles. The second set consists of blue triangles without black outlines. From these triangles, re- gular quadrilaterals are formed, each made of 2 triangles: 1 squ- are, 1 rectangle, 1 rhombus and 1 isosceles trapezoid. The child by acquiring the basics of geometry, develops and improves the ability to construct and name different geometric figures. This activity allows the students to discover that triangles can create regular or irregular shapes and patterns. • 62 pcs, meas. of the triangular box: 26,5 x 3,5 23 x 23 cm; meas. of the large he- xagonal box: 26,5 x 3,5 x 23,5 cm; meas. of the small hexagonal box: 25 x 3,5 x 22 cm; meas. of the rectangular box: 29,5 x 4 x 22,5 cm; material; wood; age: 4+

Four boxes in which there are co- loured triangles for constructing regular and irregular flat figures and patterns. Triangles should be sorted based on their colour or black lines along their sides. The box in the shape of a triangle contains elements which, when assembled according to the rules, form triangles: 1 grey as a who- le, green with 2 triangles, yellow with 3 triangles and red with 4 triangles. The box in the shape of a large hexagon contains the parts that make up regular poly- gons: yellow hexagon consisting of 1 whole, yellow hexagon made

Blue construction triangles AO2017

This set allows the child to acquire and improve the ability to create geometric figures and patterns from triangles. It also trains visual analysis and synthesis, develops visual perception and hand-eye coordination. The set includes • 12 rectangular and equilateral triangles in blue. 12 pcs.; meas. of the triangle: 16 x 8 x 14 cm; meas. of the box: 20 x 4 x 14,5 cm; material: wood; age: 3+

Geometric cabinet. Demonstration tray for flat geometrical shapes AO2012

This tray complements the geometric study equipment. It allows the students to acquire the ability to distinguish, identify and name basic geometric figures. It consists of two parts. The lower part is lined with three square tiles in yellow and three yellow frames with three basic geometric figures: circle, square and triangle. The bottom of the tray is blue underneath the tiles and frames. The top of the tray is covered with a frame that dividing it into 6 fields. The back edge of the frame is connected to the tray by hinges. The tray’s front is equipped with two fasteners preventing the frame from opening when working with figures. • 6 tiles: 3 square tiles, 3 frame tiles with figures; meas. of the tiles: 14 x 0,4 x 14 cm; meas. of the frames: 44,5 x 3 x 30,5 cm; material: wood; age: 3+


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