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Transparent nails with board JN0110

Transparent bricks with board JN0111

Creative toy, which not only provides a lot of fun, but also helps to stimulate the child’s development. The set includes a board with many holes in which the children can put colourful elements to create patterns and images. This toy stimulates creativity and trains hand-eye coordination. • 101 pcs.: 100 nails: diameter: 2,5 cm, H 3 cm, colours: yellow, orange, red, green, blue, purple; 1 transparent base, • 20 x 20 cm; material: plastic; packaging: plastic bag; age: 3+

Colourful bricks for creating various con- structions. They improve the child’s ima- gination and manual abilities. The set inc- ludes a transparent board for attaching construction elements, which makes buil- ding, and later transporting the end re- sults, much easier. Semi-transparent brick creations can be placed on the light panel. • 101 pcs.: 1 transparent board: 20 x 20 cm, 100 bricks in 6 colours: yellow, orange, red, green, blue, purple; meas. of the brick: 2 x 2,2 ,2 cm; material: plastic; packaging: plastic bag; age: 3 +

My first puzzle with rattles JN0038

other pegs to form towers. This product also teaches sorting by colour or shape. Pegs are quite big, easy to grab and ma- nipulate. They exercise motor skills and eye-hand coordination. • 22 pcs.: 18 pegs in different colours (green, blue, red, yellow, purple) and shapes (circle, star, triangle, flower), 3 transparent pegs with beads and a base; material: plastic; dim. of the peg: 4,5 x 5,5 cm; dim. of the base: 28 cm, height 6 cm; packaging: cardbo- ard box; age: 18 months +

„My First Puzzle” for toddlers is an easy and interesting introduction to the de- velopment of motor coordination, per- ception and association skills. It is also a perfect for the development of fine motor skills. The set contains colourful and dif- ferently shaped pegs - rattles filled with beads. The baby can freely place the elements in the base or attach them to

Transparent bricks for buliding geometric solids. Windows JN0048 Set of bricks with windows. Their struc- ture allows the user to create spatial constructions. Simple connection of elements ensures many hours of creati-

ve fun. They teach logical thinking, re- cognizing shapes and colours, handling objects and matching them together. These brick also work perfectly with the light panel. 120 pcs. In different shapes: triangle, rectangle, square; 10.5 x 7,4 cm; material: plastic, packa- ging: plastic bag; age: 3+


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