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Women in Business Marcy Gross, Sheldon Gross Realty

My father got me into this: One woman’s life as a second-generation commercial real estate exec


y career has consist- ed of selling, leas- ing, and managing

strengthen the relationships. One consistent, key factor in my career, and perhaps the

array of vendors. In the past decade, our company has be- come increasingly invested in

on direct, human interaction. The power of the face-to-face meeting is unparalleled in bolstering, renewing, and even establish new relationships. The term "people person" is one that I feel perfectly de- scribes me. One more key lesson I em- brace, and one it admittedly took a while to learn, is that shutting down periodically is crucial. Commercial real estate often demands long hours and late nights to ensure that a transaction comes together. But when possible, I strongly recommend identifying ways to step away, relax, and regener-

ate. Everyone has their own likes and preferences, and for me it's exercise and the beach. When I need to clear my head, I invariably turn to a good, long walk or a day sitting beneath an umbrella on the Jersey Shore. Exactly 32 years into my career, I'm quite proud of what I do for a living and my accom- plishments. Commercial real estate is stressful and at times maddening, but it requires an expansive range of skills and competencies. It's not for everyone ... and I'm really looking forward to the next 32 years. MAREJ

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From the very beginning, I’ve focused on working smart and hard, never repeating a mistake, and using every tool at my disposal.

singularly most important in helping my business thrive, is networking. Real estate sales and management is intrinsi- cally tied to creating a deep and broad group of profes- sional contacts that include current, former, and prospec- tive clients, and a very diverse social media. This has allowed us to expand our professional networks. I personally have embraced the ever-changing advances in smart-phone tech- nology to help me stay con- nected. However, I do still have a very strong conviction that success is ultimately based Let Us Help You Find the Perfect Location For Your Business

Marcy Gross

reer. From the very beginning, I've focused on working smart and hard, never repeating a mistake, and using every tool at my disposal. Over time, some clients and competitors considered me different or unique because of my gender. The commercial real estate field still has fewer women in leadership positions than it should. I have never let this issue hinder me from achieving my goals. I have sim- ply let experience and results speak for themselves. My start in commercial real estate was fostered by my parents. My father founded Sheldon Gross Realty in the early '60s, and for a while my mother sold residential proper- ties in Massachusetts. Need- less to say, my life consisted of many real estate tales and war stories. I loved hearing about the give and take of negotia- tions, the search for just the right warehouse or office, and the resolving of last-minute problems. As my parents de- scribed it, real estate was the most thrilling business anyone could be in. After college, I joined the family business and officially became a second-generation practitioner. I realized instant- ly that I had a particular affin - ity for property management. What intrigued me most was the consistent attention that the properties required. The constant challenge is to keep the client and tenants happy. This requires constantly ad- justing, adapting, and evolv- ing. It is a daily challenge, but it is rewarding and can lead to quite a few long-standing relationships. Recently, our company sold a series of ware- house and office buildings in one New Jersey community. These buildings had been in our management portfolio for the past 25 years. Over that long period of time we were presented with many chal- lenges, but we embraced them all and it proved to further


BRIDGEWATER – FOR LEASE 4 +/- ACRES OUTSIDE STORAGE 60,000 /- Sq. Ft. – Specialized Warehouse Buildings Rail possible

200,000 Sq Ft Building with 1,027 to 42,613 +/- Sq. Ft. Available 34,801 sq. ft. Warehouse / Various size office space to 42,613 sq. ft.

WAREHOUSES FOR SALE – NEW CONSTRUCTION • 60,000 to 100,000+/- Square Feet To Be Built – Somerset County • 68,000+/- Square Feet Existing – Monmouth County

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