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Women in Business

Tell us how and when you began your career in the profession you are in: For me it was a child- hood love of the woods and streams by my house that lead me to pursue environ- mental studies in college and then a career that al- lowed me to be outdoors. As a child I was always in - terested in being in nature and exploring.

Tell us how and when you began your career in the profession you are in: I earned my Bachelor of Science in Business Admin - istration with a concentra- tion in Marketing from Bryant University in 2003. I spent the next 6 years in the commercial flooring industry before following my passion to become an entrepreneur in early 2009.

Krista Korinis President Global Installation Resources, LLC Years with company/firm: 11 Years Years in field: 17 Years Years in real estate industry: 17 Years Real estate organizations / affiliations: CREWNJ, ACCNJ

Elisa L. Buckley Principal/Managing Director Environmental Services Walsh Environmental Solutions Years with company/firm: Started in August 2020 Years in field: 21 Years in real estate industry: 21 Real estate organizations / affiliations: CREWNJ

It was a natural fit for me to focus on environmental science in college and then I obtained my first job, in 1999, while an undergraduate with a small environmental services company where I had my first exposure to commercial real estate inves - tigation. What is your current position? Principal/Managing Director Environmental Services for Walsh Environmental Solutions. What was your greatest professional accomplishment in 2020? I made an unexpected career change during the pandemic. I had been with a large firm for almost all of my professional life but due to the economic impact of the pandemic that changed. At first it was very difficult to process the reality of what was happening but for me it really was a blessing in disguise. For most of us change is uncomfortable but sometimes it is necessary. From the very first call I had with Ed Walsh, my new boss, I knew immediately that my new role is what I really wanted. How do you manage the work/life balance? The culture at Walsh is really amazing and that comes from the top down. Every - one on the team has a life outside of the office and Ed Walsh really supports that. We are all focused on the business, but Ed gives us the professional flexibility and trust to manage our day as we see fit. The team members at Walsh are also very supportive and talented which allows everyone to focus on our specific duties and be efficient…this is good for us, our families, and our clients. Tell us a little about your family: My family and I have a lot of fun together. My daughter (11), son (9), husband, and our dog Charlie stay busy on the weekends with little league sports, cooking, baking, and spending time with family and friends. MAREJ

What is your current position? I am the President of Global Installation Resources, LLC; a woman owned and operated union installation company spe - cializing in office furniture, demountable walls, signage, & laboratory case work installations and a wide variety of project management services. Global Installation Resources, LLC is a certified Women Business Enterprise (WBE) & Small Busi - ness Enterprise (SBE), and in 2011 obtained WBENC Certification for national recognition as a minority business. I help clients find cost-effective installation solutions through relationships with unions and their members. What was your greatest professional accomplishment in 2020? As a busi - ness owner my greatest accomplishment in 2020 was keeping my core team of carpenters employed throughout the pandemic. This year was scary for so many, and to know we were able to provide work in a safe and effective way makes me very proud. What challenges and/or obstacles do you feel you needed to overcome to become as successful as you are today? As an entrepreneur I learned early on that I needed to be flexible, and to think out of the box. I didn’t realize the roller coaster ride ahead of me at the time, but when I started to embrace and pivot when faced with obstacles, I soon realized that I would be a better business partner, owner, and boss. Things aren’t as expected and it really prepared my company this year when NOTHING was as it was supposed to be. What inspiring word of advice would you give to a young woman about to go into the field of commercial real estate or your allied field? My big- gest advice would be to surround yourself with likeminded women, I have found my work family in CREW NJ (Commercial Real Estate Women of New Jersey). I have been an active member for over ten years, and have grown so much from my collaboration with my CREW sisters. MAREJ

Tell us how and when you began your career in the profession you are in: My love for real estate started at a young age. You could often catch me read- ing advertisement booklets with homes for sale in the area or watching HGTV. I was around real estate development as a kid and

Tell us how and when you began your career in the profession you are in: My career in the archi- tectural signage industry started in my family busi- ness in the ‘80s. I was in college studying to be a music teacher and there were ongoing cuts in arts education. Employment

Courtney Brooke Rosenkrantz Senior Sales Associate Newmark Associates, CRE Years with company/firm: 4 Years in field: 4 Years in real estate industry: 6 Real estate organizations / affiliations: CREW NJ

Carolynn Vineis Vice President of Sales North Star Signs Years with company/firm: 7 years Years in field: 32 years Real estate organizations / affiliations: CREW NJ

when I went to college I majored in Real Estate. That is where I fell in love with the numbers side and learned more about commercial real estate and investments. What is your current position? I am a Senior Sales Associate. I focus on finding my customers and clients perfect locations for their businesses to thrive, strong investments for their portfolios, and/ or reliable tenants for landlords’ available spaces. Why did you choose the field/profession you are in today? I can’t imagine not working in real estate. As I mentioned in one of the previous questions, I have loved real estate for as long as I could remember. I wanted to work in this field to be a part of the changing world, while respecting what came before it. I love that every day can be different. You meet so many different people and see so many different things. You have the potential to be as great as you can be. I also enjoy the independence that a career in real estate grants you. Making my own schedule and being accountable for myself I will tell you, my phone does often ring after the business day has ended and I do get emails on weekends, but I think I manage my work/life balance pretty well. When I’m working, I focus on work. If I have to finish something for work, I finish it. When I’m enjoying my personal life, I enjoy my personal life. Work can get busy and so can life—I can balance it by staying organized and not letting one overtake the other. What unique qualities and/or personality do you feel makes you most successful in your profession? In my profession, besides knowledge needed to be a broker, I think it is so im - portant to be a good listener, ambitious, and assertive. I think common sense goes a long way and you have to be able to deal with unexpected challenges that pop up. Being a generally likable person doesn’t hurt either. MAREJ is something I appreciate about this industry. How do you manage the work/life balance?

prospects were few. My father encouraged me to work in the family business while I figured out my next steps. And here I am, 32 years later still working in the architectural signage industry. What is your current position? I am currently the Vice President of Sales at North Star Signs, Inc. Why did you choose the field/profession you are in today? I would say that it “chose” me since I did not start out looking for this to become my lifelong career. What was your greatest professional accomplishment in 2020? Being able to keep the doors of our company open safely and giving all our employees an opportunity to work on “essential” projects as well as our back log of projects during the COVID lock down. What was your most notable project, deal or transaction in 2020? We completed an exterior “design / build” project for Tower Center in East Brunswick. The project included designing and locating new site signs for Wayfinding and Identification of Tower One, Tower Two, the Hilton and three parking garages. We have also worked with several of our clients to complete their corporate reopening projects, providing COVID protocol signage. How do you manage the work/life balance? I have always made a point of having dinner with my family every night. Even when my children were young and had “crazy” sports schedules, we would eat together, no matter what time. It gave us an opportunity to connect and talk about our day. Even now with my grown children gone, my husband and I eat together every night. Who or what has been the strongest influence on your career? My strongest influence would be my parents whose work ethic was passed on to me. MAREJ

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