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Everyone loves the feeling of walking into a perfectly tidy and organized house. Getting the house into a state that elicits that feeling, though, is often much less fun. Who would’ve thought you could get some vicarious calm from watching somebody else clean their house? LoveMeg, that’s who. LoveMeg is an incredibly popular motherhood and lifestyle influencer, boasting more than 70,000 followers on Instagram and nearly half-a-million subscribers on YouTube. While her videos encompass everything from baby name reveals to DIY fashion hacks, it’s her cleaning-focused videos that are consistently the most popular. In these videos, Meg cleans a room in her house from top to bottom. Interspersed with sections of narration, where she provides tips and tricks for tidying, are time-lapse videos of a space going from messy to immaculate. It’s hard to say exactly why these videos are so relaxing, but for moments when you just want to watch

something placid and mindless after a long day’s work, they certainly fit the bill.

It’s funny to see how calming media has become more popular as our lives grow busier and more hectic. It’s not hard to find compilations of beautiful produce displays on Buzzfeed or hear of people spending the weekend binge-watching “Terrace House,” a Japanese reality TV show where nothing much at all happens. Heck,“Tidying Up With Marie Kondo,” a show which relies on many of the same soothing tactics as LoveMeg videos, has become a national phenomenon. It’s no surprise that a creator-driven platform like YouTube has influenced more polished and well-heeled media companies. LoveMeg certainly didn’t start the revolution of slow-paced, low-stakes content that gives the viewer a metaphorical back rub, but she has contributed to it. The next time you want to watch something that’ll lower your blood pressure rather than raising it, give LoveMeg a shot.

YouTube Channel of the Month LoveMeg

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