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Thank you Clarence- Rockland, from the Legion

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On behalf of the Royal Canadian Legion Branch 554 Rockland Ontario, we want to express a sincere thank you to all the resi- dents and businesses of Clarence-Rockland and surrounding areas for their support during the Legion’s Poppy Campaign. We also wish to thank all the participants and residents who attended our Remem- brance Day ceremony at the Cenotaph on November 6. This year, the Poppy Campaign realized donations of over $12,000. Plus, we realized an additional $5000 with the sale of pins, caps, poppies andmagnets. All of the money collected from the dis- tribution of poppies directly supports vete- rans, serving military, and their families. Your donations help support programs and assistance for veterans and servingmilitary in need, and their families, medical trai- ning and research, and provide community medical appliances to assist in the care of veterans. We support our veterans, who find them- selves at any of the local retirement homes, with Christmas gifts and visits; we also sup- port Perley RideauHospital throughout the year with bingo nights, and other events. Each year our local youth compete in poster and literary contests, and winners

are provided with prizes. Bursaries for children, grandchildren and great grandchildren of serving and retired veterans are provided. Sponsorship of Cadets and youth groups in Clarence-Rockland, the Royal Canadian Air Cadets Twillick 832Wing receive support from the legion and we have also supported local scouting, girl guides, etc. Last year we donated $5000 to an orga- nization called Leave the Streets behind, and subject tomembership approval, most likely we will do so again this year.This orga- nization assisted 134 homeless veterans in the Ottawa area by helping them leave the streets or by providing comfort kits if the veteran was not ready to leave the streets. In 2017, Branch 554 will partner with Groupe Action to support the local snow suit fund for needy children. Over $8000 will be needed in 2017 in order to provide the number of snow suits required. It is our hope to once again host a silent auction for the adults, a penny sale for the children, with a sit down supper and live music, planned for late March. The Royal Canadian Legion Branch executive Rockland branch

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