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“Tough love” call for tax deadbeats “Before we tack on another tax increase to our residents and businesses,” said Coun. Lalonde, “I would like to know what is the plan to recover some of that money?”


Prolongation d’un congé pour la conseillère Chouinard Le conseil municipal de Clarence-Rockland a approuvé une résolution du maire Guy Desjardins afin de prolonger un congé spécial accordé à la conseillère municipale Diane Chouinard. Son congé se terminera donc le 31 mars 2017. Mme Chouinard n’a pu assister aux séances du conseil, citant des raisons personnelles. C’est donc M. Desjardins et d’autres conseillers qui s’occuperont des dossiers du quartier 8 lors de l’absence de Mme Chouinard. – Gregg Chamberlain for sale,” he said, “and show themwe mean business. Meanwhile I look forward to the January report.”

Somemembers of Clarence-Rockland city council think it is time to get tough on pro- perty owners who are long overdue with their municipal tax payments. During the Nov. 29 final review session of the 2017 budget proposal, there was intense discussion about the amount of taxes-in- arrears owed to the city from a handful of property owners. Coun. André J. Lalonde noted that the city has an outstanding debt of several million dollars’ worth of overdue property taxes. Winter driving advice from OPP The snow is here now. The OPP remind motoristsmust be ready for winter driving conditions. Winter tires in good condition are a priority. Both the OPP and Transport Canada urge motorists to get a full set of four tires for their vehicles and resist the temptation to “mix and match” winter tires for the rear wheels and regular summer or all-season tires for the front wheels. Motorists should alsomake sure that the set of four winter tires has the same tread pattern and size to ensure vehicle stability on the road. Replace any worn winter tires with one of the same brand andmake. Worn tires can create traction problems during severe snow conditions and also could contribute to “fishtailing” situations on hills or curves. Make sure each tire has the correct air pressure. This will improve safety, extend tread life, and reduce fuel use. Tire pressure decreases as the temperature drops so have the pressure checked eachmonth and adjust as needed. Have the winter tune-up done as soon as possible and also the provincial E-test if required. Also prepare a winter emergency kit to keep in the vehicle in case of problems on the road. Such kits are available at most hardware and vehicle supply stores or go online to the Canadian Automobile Association for advice on what to include in a winter driving emergency kit. Practise winter driving habits, including slowing down when road conditions are slippery. During winter it may be safer to drive at five kilometres or so below the posted limit. Also increase the recommended braking safety distance between vehicles.

Finance Director Robert Kehoe said his department will present council with a detailed report in January on the overdue taxes situation and how city staff plan to start collecting on delinquent payments. Councillors Yvon Simoneau and Mario Zanth both suggested the city review its legal options and start “setting an example” with the more serious property tax evaders as a lesson to others. “I think it’s about time we started getting the whip out,” said Simoneau while Zanth suggested a tax auction. “It’s time to put a couple of houses up

Le conseiller André J. Lalonde et d’autres veulent durcir le tonenvers lespropriétaires dont les impôts fonciers sont en souffrance. —photo Gregg Chamberlain

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