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ugust is a quiet month for the DeLaFuentes. Well, I should say quieter. Most months are pretty manic as we

weekends taking care of all her homework. My wife and I think we owe that to her participation in athletics.

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juggle our children’s activities. Thanks to her private training, August is our daughter’s only month without softball, so we enjoy a small reprieve before school begins. Things are particularly crazy for her when school is in session. There are days where she gets home from school at 2:50, gets picked up at 3 to catch pitches for a teammate, practices more, eats dinner, does schoolwork, and then goes to bed around 10. It sounds like a lot, but she loves it. People sometimes ask, “Do the sports reflect on your kids’ report cards?” But it isn’t a problem for them, which is wonderful because it means they’re learning the lessons I hoped they would when I got them started in athletics. “As a coach, I see the kids progress in more ways than athletics, so youth sports definitely have my glowing endorsement.” You see, sports to me has never been about winning. It’s about acquiring valuable character traits, like discipline, teamwork, and lifelong learning. My children love their sports, but the discipline and ambition they learn by competing actually helps them with their schoolwork. We told our kids if the grades drop, we’ll cut out whatever it takes to get them back up; but last year, they earned their best grades yet. For instance, our 12-year-old daughter has developed time management skills that help her maximize her days. She spends nights before bed and downtime on

Our son is 9 years old, so his coursework isn’t quite as demanding. Still, if his sports affected his schoolwork, we’d know about it. As an energetic kid, I can see how autumn afternoons filled with flag football and lacrosse tournaments could be more engaging than class. But he gets great reports from his teachers and seems to actually look forward to class. It probably sounds like I’m bragging about my kids, and maybe I am. They deserve a lot of praise for the way they can be so active and maintain balance. But mostly, I think it’s a testament to what sports can do for young people. As a coach, I see the kids progress in more ways than athletics, so youth sports definitely have my glowing endorsement. The August reprieve usually includes an overnight trip to the shore, where we stay with close friends. It’s a last hurrah we do every year to tie up the summer season. The kids always have a great time in the sun during the day, and they have a blast at night when the “foam dance party” breaks out. It’s great to see them let loose and have fun at the beach, and they deserve it.


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– David DeLaFuente

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