www.marejournal.com M id A tlantic Real Estate Journal — Northern NJ Buildings & Facility Maintenance Show — October 10 - 23, 2014 — 3D NNJ B uildings & F acility M aintenance S how Kevon office center exterior fixtures & installation expected to provide an ROI within 43 months LED lighting retrofit by Stouch Lighting saves Kaiserman Company 78% in energy usage per year A in lighting energy costs. In addition to the energy savings, Stouch Lighting an- year in lighting-maintenance related costs that would have been incurred for replacing 117 watt LED parking lot fix- tures, high pressure sodium 250 watt lamps (312 system wattage) with ston, PA — Stouch Lighting, a lighting distributor special-

Director of facilities at Kai- serman Company, Joseph Cianfrani Jr., remarks, “The decision to retrofit our exterior office building lighting to LED lighting is a no-brainer when you factor in the total cost of ownership. Over the 20-year life expectancy of the new exterior LED lighting we’ll be saving over $50,000 in light- ing energy costs alone, plus somewhere around $13,000 in maintenance costs.” The lighting retrofit in- cluded replacing existing metal halide 400 watt lamps (458 system wattage) with

izing in LED and energy e f f i c i e n t lighting, an- nounces the complet ion of an exte- rior building LED lighting retrofit proj-

45 watt LED parking lot fixtures and high pressure sodium 250 watt flood lamps (312 system wattage) with 68 watt LED flood light fixtures. The lighting retrofit is also expected to reduce Kevon Office Center’s carbon foot- print by 18,041 pounds of greenhouse gas per year -- equivalent to saving 90 trees per year or removing 43 pas- senger cars per year from the roads. n

Justin Stouch, Vice President of Operations at Stouch Lighting, will be speaking at 11:30 AM in Room A on the subject of “LED Light- ing: Efficiencies in Energy & Maintenance Savings”. Justin is LC Certified by the National Council on Qualifications for the Lighting Professions (NCQLP).

Justin Stouch

ect for Kaiserman Company at their Kevon Office Center located in Pennsauken, New Jersey projected to save the company over $ 3,600 per year

failed lamps, ballasts and fix- tures in the existing exterior lighting.

ticipates the LED lighting ret- rofit saving Kaiserman Com- pany an additional $1,100 per

crete. Even more so today when concrete replacement costs are soaring and the cost of corrosion inhibitors have come down substan- tially. Where it previously Unsealed concrete is a problem waiting to happen . . . cost two or three dollars a square foot for a good qual- ity sealer/corrosion inhibi- tor, you can now place them for as little as a dollar a square foot. The best time to treat concrete is before you notice any deterioration; however, sealing concrete in conjunction with repairs is beneficial. There is still time before the winter freeze/ thaw season to protect your concrete and avoid future problems. Ri chard Manners i s pr e s i den t o f Garden State Sealing, based in Tinton Falls NJ. Garden State Sealing provides asphal t and concrete maintenance services in the tri state area. n

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