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proximately the same weight as one inch of water? Heavy, wet or packed snow can weigh substantially more. When snow accumulation is not promptly removed, structural deterioration can occur weakening the roofing system and building com- ponents. Add an inch of ice to the equation, and you’re looking at the equivalent of another foot of fresh snow. Do you have a roo f top snow removal service plan

Structural roof failure due to heavy snow.

A typical snow drift on a commercial roof

or a routine maintenance program with a reputable company? As the seasons change, it’s important to keep drainage systems free of debris and flowing? So now is the time to put one in place! Roof maintenance during the winter months is one of the most cost-effective preventative measures to extend the life of your roof. Snow piles up, thaws, and refreezes. Then it snows again. It’s a seasonal cycle that shouldn’t be ignored. Just look what snow and ice does to our local roads. The same holds true for your roof! And one of the biggest cul- prits of potential roof damage are snow drifts – gusts of wind embank snow in various areas of your roof resulting in disproportional weight load, weakening areas that have become susceptible to dam- age and structural failure. Without proper removal, it can become a costly hazard. What also can become a hazard in more ways than one is hiring the wrong kind of service company or main- tenance crew! You need to insure that the service company you hire is operating in accordance with OSHA safety regulations; they should use proper snow removal tools and proce- dures to prevent damage to the roof. Only a reputable snow removal company that specializes in roof mainte- nance will know how to work around skylights, ventila- tion systems and hidden gas lines. Call CP Rankin today for a no obligation commercial roof assessment and roof maintenance quote at 1-866- 766-3322 or visit us in Booth #519. n

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