SyncroFlo Vert In-Line 2pg Flyer

SyncroFlo, Inc.

2905 Pacific Drive Norcross, GA 30071 Tel: (770) 447-4443


Uses standard JP frame motors which are on shelf with all motor manufacturers.

Close coupled design results in compact pumpset to fit in cramped spaces.

Impellers are designed precisely to cater for fire fighting application.

Accessible stuffing box makes repacking easy without need to dismantle whole pump.

Renewable casing wear rings are provided with pumps.

Longer Suction passage ensures lower NPSHR especially for an vertical inline pump.

Vertical mounting results in compact pumpset, saves almost 70% of floor space for an equivalent horizontal long coupled pump.

CONFIGURATION Vertical lineshaft, vertical electro submersible, vertical electric motor or engine driven, dry or wet well

FEATURES • Space saving

•  Diffuser bowls ensure balanced axial loading • Soft packing or mechanical seals • API construction •  Approved to FM and UL standards, all of which are compliant to NFPA 20 •  Nuclear certification •  Dry and wet well installations

• Low maintenance costs • High hydraulic efficiency •  Priming problems eliminated. Pump end submerged in liquid •  60 models, with bowls, heads and columns optimised for performance and cost • Wide choice of materials

DISCHARGE & PERFORMANCE  • 4 in to 87 in • Outputs up to 176,115 US.gpm • Heads up to 656 ft


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