Leadership in Action – AUNZ English – 201609-201610

yet to come true. Together, see if you can’t wake up some of those dreams. And make a plan together to make those dreams come true. If you truly throw your heart into helping someone you love reach his or her goals, I can promise you both a very rewarding experience—not only in the end result, but in the journey as well. At Melaleuca, our mission is: To enhance the lives of those we touch by helping people reach their goals. Goals start with a dream and then with writing that dream down on paper. Until it is written down, a dream never becomes a goal—it just remains a dream. Today is the day to reestablish our goals and recommit ourselves to our own and to each other’s success. As Melaleuca approaches our thirty year anniversary, there’s never been a stronger time in our company’s history. Melaleuca continues to grow at a terrific pace, and the management team—your management team—has taken specific care in ensuring that Melaleuca will be efficient, productive, and successful for a good, long time. Just like you, we have goals and we have ways of tracking our development toward the satisfactory accomplishment of those goals. One of our most important goals is that of continuing to establish a long-term prosperity and the prosperity of those who join us in the years to come. We are convinced that the plain and simple truths established for Melaleuca 30 years ago are still valid today. We stand steadfastly by our quest to enhance the lives of those we touch. We are more committed than ever to delivering exceptional products at reasonable prices. In recent years, we have made great strides and are now much further ahead of our competition. The same principles we’ve used for years as a prescription for success are important to us today, and they will continue to have an impact on our business for years to come. Superior and safer products continue to be the very lifeblood of our business. The supermarket products that sell the most are no match for our safe, cost-effective brands. As more people investigate and understand the tremendous value of our products, each month tens of thousands of people will continue to switch brands and begin shopping from our catalogues and website, and our

business and our customers will continue to prosper as we grow our business together. It is true that Melaleuca offers a terrific business opportunity, and thousands are prospering from the fantastic growth of their Melaleuca business—but I feel the biggest impact that Melaleuca is making in the world cannot be measured in dollar signs. People are living longer, healthier, more vibrant lives. I never once realised that we would have the kind of advantage in nutritional supplements that the Peak Performance Pack gives us. As we listen to the stories of the thousands of lives that have been changed by the Peak Performance Pack , it is evident that this product has no equal in the world of nutrition. Although the Peak Performance Pack has become our defining product, we can’t forget the advantages we also have with products like Access , Attain , Renew , Sol-U-Guard Botanical , Diamond Brite , MelaPower , and dozens of other Melaleuca products that are having an immeasurable effect on the health and well-being of thousands of families world-wide. We appreciate all those who have joined us in our goal of enhancing lives. This is a great time to reawaken your dreams and establish new goals as well as recommit to the goals you used to have. When we established this company nearly 30 years ago, we also established our mission to enhance the lives of those we touch by helping people reach their goals. We hope you’ll allow us the opportunity to help you reach your goals—starting today.




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