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Advancing SENIOR DIRECTORS Yvette & Justin Brewin and Carole Sellar


E N H A N C I N G T H E L I V E S O F T H O S E W E T O U C H ®

Remember Your Dreams


It is sad to witness the lack of direction and lack of purpose that some people have in their lives. I’m not talking about our youth. In fact, many of our youth seem to have plans and goals that are encouraging and inspiring. I’m concerned about mature, capable adults who used to have dreams and goals when they were young, but have given up on those dreams and now seem resolved to be content with whatever life has dealt them. I believe that one of the saddest scenarios I can imagine is when someone gives up on their dreams. In many respects, giving up on our dreams is worse than the loss of a loved one. To give up on our goals may be, in essence, to not fulfill the purpose of our own creation. To allow life to happen to us as opposed to making life happen is one of life’s greatest potential tragedies. I have learned that anything is possible to those who are persistent in the pursuit of their dreams. Sure, we meet roadblocks! Sure, there are hurdles. Sure, things don’t always turn out exactly how we planned. But what a tragedy when we interpret those setbacks as making our dreams impossible to reach—or worse yet, interpret our current failure as meaning we are failures and incapable of success.

If I could issue a challenge today, it would be to have everyone remember back to when they were young, when they had goals and dreams. I would have them remember those goals and dreams in detail, and wake them up with the realisation that it is not too late. Our life can still be what we wanted it to be! We can accomplish and do everything we wanted to do. Oh sure, we are going to have to change some things. If we keep doing what we’ve been doing, we’ll keep getting what we’ve been getting. But we can change some things as long as we know where we are going and know that if we keep at it we will get there. I would challenge everyone to remember your past hopes and dreams and write them down on paper as goals. Solidify them! Think about them! Decide what has to change in order to reach them. Commit to doing those things, and go for it. Be prepared for setbacks, but never give up until you reach your goal. I would challenge you to discover the dreams of those closest to you. Do you know the dreams and goals your spouse had at a younger age? Your best friend? A sibling, a parent, a child? Find out which dreams have


yet to come true. Together, see if you can’t wake up some of those dreams. And make a plan together to make those dreams come true. If you truly throw your heart into helping someone you love reach his or her goals, I can promise you both a very rewarding experience—not only in the end result, but in the journey as well. At Melaleuca, our mission is: To enhance the lives of those we touch by helping people reach their goals. Goals start with a dream and then with writing that dream down on paper. Until it is written down, a dream never becomes a goal—it just remains a dream. Today is the day to reestablish our goals and recommit ourselves to our own and to each other’s success. As Melaleuca approaches our thirty year anniversary, there’s never been a stronger time in our company’s history. Melaleuca continues to grow at a terrific pace, and the management team—your management team—has taken specific care in ensuring that Melaleuca will be efficient, productive, and successful for a good, long time. Just like you, we have goals and we have ways of tracking our development toward the satisfactory accomplishment of those goals. One of our most important goals is that of continuing to establish a long-term prosperity and the prosperity of those who join us in the years to come. We are convinced that the plain and simple truths established for Melaleuca 30 years ago are still valid today. We stand steadfastly by our quest to enhance the lives of those we touch. We are more committed than ever to delivering exceptional products at reasonable prices. In recent years, we have made great strides and are now much further ahead of our competition. The same principles we’ve used for years as a prescription for success are important to us today, and they will continue to have an impact on our business for years to come. Superior and safer products continue to be the very lifeblood of our business. The supermarket products that sell the most are no match for our safe, cost-effective brands. As more people investigate and understand the tremendous value of our products, each month tens of thousands of people will continue to switch brands and begin shopping from our catalogues and website, and our

business and our customers will continue to prosper as we grow our business together. It is true that Melaleuca offers a terrific business opportunity, and thousands are prospering from the fantastic growth of their Melaleuca business—but I feel the biggest impact that Melaleuca is making in the world cannot be measured in dollar signs. People are living longer, healthier, more vibrant lives. I never once realised that we would have the kind of advantage in nutritional supplements that the Peak Performance Pack gives us. As we listen to the stories of the thousands of lives that have been changed by the Peak Performance Pack , it is evident that this product has no equal in the world of nutrition. Although the Peak Performance Pack has become our defining product, we can’t forget the advantages we also have with products like Access , Attain , Renew , Sol-U-Guard Botanical , Diamond Brite , MelaPower , and dozens of other Melaleuca products that are having an immeasurable effect on the health and well-being of thousands of families world-wide. We appreciate all those who have joined us in our goal of enhancing lives. This is a great time to reawaken your dreams and establish new goals as well as recommit to the goals you used to have. When we established this company nearly 30 years ago, we also established our mission to enhance the lives of those we touch by helping people reach their goals. We hope you’ll allow us the opportunity to help you reach your goals—starting today.




S E P T E M B E R / O C T O B E R 2 0 1 6


AND CAROLE SELLAR p.9 People are achieving incrediable goals as leaders of Melaleuca businesses.



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SENIOR VICE PRESIDENT OF SALES DARRIN JOHNSON People are drawn to purposes —what you do or how you do it is not nearly as powerfuly as why.


Discover how this group of women have teamed up to grow their Melaleuca businesses.





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LEADERSHIP COUNCIL THE EXECUTIVE LEADERSHIP COUNCIL Melaleuca is focused on understanding and helping enhance the lives of our customers. The voice and collective experience of our Executive Leadership Council are integral to the process; the Council guides us to make informed decisions that help positively impact the lives of customers, and the growth of our market.

Betty-jean Vaughan QLD

Zena Fatrouni QLD

Ian & Karen Muntelwit QLD

Karen & Matthew Buttery VIC


A t my home, I have a bag of Mountain Cabin™ Signature Blend coffee sitting on the kitchen counter. I love the rich, full-bodied flavour of this roast. I also like that it’s competitively priced with other premium coffee brands. But as important as price and quality are when it comes to coffee, I know the real reason customers purchase Mountain Cabin Coffee , or any product from Melaleuca, has less to do with product features and more to do with the purpose behind every product we produce. Here at Melaleuca we believe in enhancing lives. This belief powers every decision we make from the products we sell to the way we compensate our Marketing Executives. Our company is powered by purpose and it’s one of the key reasons we’re seeing record-breaking growth in today’s marketplace. the Power of WHY

Darrin Johnson, Senior VP of Sales

A Purpose-Driven Marketplace Now more than ever, people aren’t just looking for quality products. They’re looking for a company they can identify with, one whose values and purpose are in line with their own values and purpose. A recent consumer study of over 11,000 customers in eight different countries found that 91% of consumers want to do business with a company that shares their values or purpose. 1 And they’re backing up this desire with their purchases. The 2015 Meaningful Brands Survey found that purpose-driven brands —those that go beyond the product to increase the well-being of customers and society—outperform the stock market by 133 percent! 2 When it comes t o enhancing lives, we believe this should apply to more than just our customers—it should apply to every person who interacts with Melaleuca. We aren’t alone in this belief. A recent


A P U R P O S E - D R I V E N M A R K E T P L A C E

“People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.” —Simon Sinek

or business opportunity have enhanced your life, and tell your prospective customer how you think it can enhance their life. For example, if you’re talking with a family of young kids then you would focus on the “why” of having a safer home rather than simply telling them about products that are bleach-free. Or you might share with a friend a way they can have more time freedom to spend with loved ones, rather than saying you know a way they can earn some extra money. The key is to go beyond what we sell and focus on why it will matter to your customer. Sharing a Purpose Rather Than Selling a Product When you focus on the shared value of enhancing lives, it becomes a lot easier to pick up the phone and make your four daily phone calls. You’re no longer worried about trying to sell someone a product; instead you’re sharing a solution with them based on needs/beliefs you know they value. This shift in attitude also matters to your customer too. As the saying goes, “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.” When you focus on a shared value or solution, you’re letting people know you care about them and their goals, and you’re more interested in helping them than you are in making a sale. Creating Lifelong Customers & Business Builders The key to any healthy, thriving business is not large single orders, but consistent repeat purchases. The same is true for Melaleuca. The health of our company is evidenced in our 96% month-to-month customer reorder rate. But what makes a customer order from Melaleuca or any company month after month? According to a yearlong study by Aaron Lotton at Corporate Executive Board, the key to customer loyalty is shared values. 3 Customers make repeat purchases from Melaleuca because they connect with our focus of enhancing lives. When they order a bag of Mountain Cabin Signature Blend , they aren’t just purchasing a bag of coffee. They’re participating in a unique business model that allows them to enhance lives, whether it’s their life, their enroller, or the future generations who will have a healthier planet thanks to sustainable practices. It’s the same reason customers share Melaleuca with those they love. It’s not just about earning some extra money each month—they want to be a part of a company that helps people reach their goals. Who Can You Help? As a Melaleuca customer, you’ve seen the difference Melaleuca makes in your life. You’ve also heard stories from many other customers and business builders whose lives are better thanks to Melaleuca, including the Marketing Executives featured in this magazine every month. Now the question becomes, who can you help? Who were the people you thought of while you were reading this article? Write down at least 20 of their names and add them to your contact list. Then approach them through phone calls, personal contact, or digital communications and schedule a firm appointment on your calendar. Don’t overthink it. Remember, you’re focusing on their “why” and how Melaleuca can be a solution for them. You can do it when you’re powered by purpose.

survey by Datassential found that 45% of Millennials view a business more favourably if it offers sustainable coffee. This is just one example of how Melaleuca lives our purpose and how it puts you, as a Melaleuca Marketing Executive, in the prime position to offer consumers what they already want. The key is focusing your approach on the “why” behind Melaleuca’s unique products and business plan and helping potential customers see how it aligns with their “why.” Approaching with the “Why” What does it mean to approach with the “why”? Brand strategist and bestselling author Simon Sinek says, “People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.” In other words, you don’t need a long technical presentation or the perfect phone pitch to share Melaleuca. You just need to communicate Melaleuca’s purpose of enhancing lives, share how the products

1.LarryKoffler,“2014BrandPurposeLookAhead—PowerofParticipationPlatforms,”Edelman,January8,2014. 2.“TopscoringMeaningfulBrandsenjoyaShareofWallet46%higherthan lowperformers,”HavasMedia,April28,2015. 3.AaronLotton,“WhatAreConsumersReallyLoyalTo?,”CEB,October23,2009.


Are you truly inspirational? Pay attention to one little simple thing and inspire yourself and others to life changing success!

by Daniel Wood, General Manager

was successful before trying to build the business, Melaleuca would have failed and thousands upon thousands of people would be living worse lives. From Nelson Mandela to Winston Churchill, Mohamed Ali to Mahatma Ghandi, Albert Einstein to Oprah Winfrey, Edmund Hillary to Donald Bradman. Their accomplishments and everybody else’s all started with a reason why! Why are you doing Melaleuca? Do you want to change your life? Do you want to help other people? Perhaps you want to remove the toxins from Aussie and Kiwi homes? Perhaps you want help retirees live a comfortable life? Maybe you want to help mums stay at home with their kids? Or perhaps you want to help people earn real incomes and transform their lives by achieving Senior Director? All that really matters is that you know why you are doing this and that you feel passionate about it. Think big and share your reason why, you’ll transform your life and the lives of many others! With hope of success, Daniel

“Do you want to sell sugar water all your life or are you going to come with me and change the world?” That was in 1983; today Apple has transformed the PC, Mobile Phone, Music and Television industries; and created the App and Tablet industries, in the process becoming the world’s largest company —Jobs started with a ‘why’ to change the world and it’s hard to argue that he didn’t succeed! At Melaleuca, I often hear leaders say, “I haven’t achieved success so how can I show other people success.” It’s as though we feel dishonest or fake when trying to help people earn an income with the business opportunity. It tends to be a real eye-opener when I point out to them that even the most successful people were unsuccessful once-upon-a-time. It's okay if you don't listen to another thing I say; if you understand and act on this next point it will have a more profound effect on your business, your income and perhaps on your life than anything else I could ever say. Here goes: People follow your dreams and your absolute belief that you will achieve them. It makes no difference whatsoever how successful you already are, perhaps a relevant example will help to explain. In 1985 Melaleuca was a tiny company with just eight products and one employee. It had a strong purpose and that employee believed with all his heart that Melaleuca would be great. Today, you, me and more than a million other people are involved with Melaleuca. If Frank had waited until he

When people ask me why I’m passionate about Melaleuca; my answer to them is, we have the potential to dominate the direct sales industry in Australia and New Zealand. I’m not saying be number one in the industry, but complete domination. Hundreds of Senior Directors, thousands of lives enhanced and ‘Melaleuca’ a household name! We can make a living, even become really wealthy by helping other people. For me that’s a rare privilege. This is my 'why' and it inspires me every day! When I compare it to other things I’ve done, Melaleuca is better —much better. In other jobs I’ve had I felt like a small part in a big machine. I found it hard to connect my work with the success of the business. As a result, I did what I was told, chased meaningless numbers and looked forward to the weekends. ’If I don’t do it, I won’t get paid,’ this was my 'why’, in my previous jobs. I spent 40-60 hours per week, year-in-year-out to achieve a pay cheque —depressing, isn’t it? “People don’t follow you because of what you do or how you do it, they follow you because of why you do it,” says Simon Sinek, author of ‘Start with Why’. He also makes a distinction between leaders and people that lead, “Leaders hold a position of power or influence; those who lead inspire us.” As you can see, in the past I’ve been under the influence of leaders but at Melaleuca I feel inspired! It’s typical for great leaders to start with why”. When trying to get the CEO of Pepsico, John Sculley, to join him at Apple, Steve Jobs immodestly asked,


International President’s Club 2017 Discover the Gems of the Riviera Qualification Period: January 1, 2016 - December 31, 2016. For more information about President’s Club 2017 and Business Rules and Calculations, please go to Melaleuca.com and visit the Business Centre.


Seabourn Odyssey

This is the experience you have been waiting for. Destinations you have always dreamed of. A chance to join other President’s Club winners on a once-in-a- lifetime adventure into one of the most beautiful, celebrated corners of the world. Come with us to the Mediterranean— and explore the timeless beauty of the gems of the Riviera. You will board the Seabourn Odyssey in Barcelona, Spain, and for the next seven days you will enjoy the unmatched style and comfort of a true luxury liner. You will sail up the famed Cote d’Azur and make port in the beautiful cities of Palamos, Sete, and Nice. Then you’ll sail south to Corsica and cast anchor under the towering white cliffs of Bonifacio.You will stop at the historic, charming island of Elba, once ruled by an exiled Napoleon. Then you’ll sail up the Italian coast to stunning Portovenere. Finally, you will sail west to glittering Monaco, where you’ll disembark with your horizons expanded, with the Mediterranean’s unparalleled sights, tastes, and rich culture transforming your vision of what is possible. For seven days you will live in the very lap of luxury and it’s all part of a voyage that will change your life!

Barcelona, Spain

Nice, France

Monte Carlo, Monaco


Yvette & Justin Brewin South Australia Building the foundations of a great life

"When I saw the slab being poured and the framework being constructed I had to pinch myself! I can’t believe that this is actually happening, and that this is actually my life now.” Parents to sixteen year old Jayden and thirteen year old Annalyse, Yvette and Justin’s lives have transformed significantly since their decision to build a Melaleuca business just over three years ago. “Prior to Melaleuca I was working four days a week in sales and administration making $420 a week. That meant that by the time we paid rent, bills and bought food, we were just getting by, living week to week. So when I was introduced to Melaleuca, I saw the potential to not only help my family live a healthier life but to also get ahead for the first time ever.” said Yvette, “It was the best decision I have ever made! I no longer work part-time, I have a brand new car paid for by Melaleuca and I am earning the kind of money that I only dreamed about. The stability of my residual income means that I never have to live month to month again, and we can really start living!” When asked how this transformation has taken place, Yvette explains “I went into this business knowing exactly what kind of life I wanted. I may not have been a Senior Director to begin with, but I shared the vision of where I was going, and remained passionate and enthusiastic about making it happen no matter what.” "I think that this is what people really connected with— I got them dreaming about what was possible not because of what I had achieved, but because of the picture I painted as to where I was going.” Recently presented with a cheque for $9,528 by Director of Sales Melanie Frazer in front of her ever-growing organisation, Yvette explained how these advancements have gone a long way to making her dream home a reality “we had just received a bill for the electricity connection to the house for $10,000. My Melaleuca cheque meant that we were able to just hand over the cash without a second thought. That’s the kind of freedom that my Melaleuca business provides us.” Congratulations Yvette on your advancement to Senior Director 6—we look forward to seeing you fearlessly break through to Senior Director 7 in the next issue of Leadership in Action magazine.

Just over twelve months ago, newly advancing Senior Directors 6 Yvette and Justin Brewin made a decision they never thought possible: to build their dream home on their dream piece of land. “We refer to it as our Melaleuca home, because without the income that our Melaleuca business has provided us, we would never in a million years been able to build something so amazing!” said Yvette. Filled to the brim with excitement and a sense of accomplishment, Yvette marvels at how their dream house has begun to take shape over the past month. “For so long the idea of our dream home was still just that —an idea. So when I saw the slab being poured and the framework being constructed I had to pinch myself! I can’t believe that this is actually happening, and that this is actually my life now.”



Carole Sellar South Australia Ten seconds of courage

a phone call. My heart would be in my mouth and I’d start talking myself out of dialing the number. But, once I forced myself to muster up ten seconds of courage and dial the number, I realised I was doing what I wanted to do: help people! Then, when I started talking, the fear just leaked away.” Armed with this simple but highly effective tool, Carole set the ultimate goal: Executive Director. With three advancements so far this year she is well on her way. “This idea that small bouts of courage work so well in my business is because we are all the same—we let our fear of the unknown dictate our actions. When you break through that barrier and show others what’s possible: to be afraid, and still give it a go, their mindsets change - that’s where the magic happens.” says Carole. Carole recently attended Melaleuca’s Fiji Fast Track, a trip of a lifetime. Even in paradise she continued to apply her ten seconds of courage mantra pushing herself—literally  — to new heights “When I first saw the raw beauty of Fiji, I turned to Hayley (Director 8 Hayley Harding) and said, ‘this week I will conquer my fears’,” says Carole. Before Fiji, Carole had never been swimming or snorkeling in the ocean. The first thing she felt when she witnessed other qualifiers jumping off a twenty foot ledge into the ocean, was paralysing fear. “My first through was ‘Heck no! I’m 59 years old, I can’t do that!’ But as I saw the others take the leap of faith, I started to think, ‘Well… why not?’ time to stop watching and start living.” She gathered her ten seconds of courage and did something she never thought possible: jumped off the ledge of the pontoon and fell twenty feet into the crystal blue Fijian ocean to the rapturous applause of her Melaleuca family below. “I felt so empowered! I looked my fears dead in the eye, and even though I was really scared, I did it anyway. It was the most

Ten seconds of courage has transformed Carole Sellar’s life, once shy and fearful, this former domestic cleaner is now a brave, independent Senior Director 4 with a six-figure income. How will this powerful yet simple concept change your life? How many times in your life have you said to yourself, “I CAN’T do that?” Where the thought of trying has increased your heart rate, made your palms sweat and set your mind running with the consequences of failure? You’re not alone. In fact, new Senior Director 4 Carole Sellar explains how the word ‘can’t’ impacted her past “When I look back I realise that I’ve lived a sheltered, safe life! The daily rituals of work and sleep, never trying anything new, never giving anything a go, never challenging myself. I just accepted my fate, telling myself that I just wasn’t capable of doing any more.” All this changed when Carole attended her stepdaughter's birthday party. At this unlikely moment, the way Carole was building her business changed, thereby changing her life. “During the speeches, my stepdaughter said, ‘to achieve anything great in life, all you need is ten seconds of courage’. When I heard those words, a light switched on in my head!” This concept, when applied to her business, made a big difference. “One thing that was really holding me back from being successful was the gut-wrenching fear I felt right before making

exhilarating feeling of my life—if that didn’t stop me, then nothing will.”

“When you break through that barrier and show others that it’s possible to be afraid, and still give it a go, their mindset starts to change—that’s where the magic happens."



The Power of Duplication T hree everyday Aussie Mums sat in the audience at Convention 2016. Together, they made a decision: no more dabbling, time to go “all in” and together  —change their lives—no matter what. Within four months, something special started to happen. Three ladies on a mission of enhancing lives became four… then five... then six. As each month passed their enthusiasm and numbers grew and grew.

But of course, I left the best for last. In front of their small army of Marketing Executives, I announced two very special advancements: Senior Director 4 Carole Sellar and Senior Director 6 Yvette Brewin. “To stand there and see what Hayley (Director 8 Hayley Harding), Yvette and I had started was just amazing. There were so many new faces in the room—new lives that we are able to touch and begin to transform. To know that by helping them I have also helped myself, is so completely humbling, I feel so grateful to have found such an awesome company!” Said Carole. In total agreement, Yvette said, “There’s just no other feeling quite like this—changing people’s lives every single day, and getting paid to do so, is surreal.” Of course eleven advancements in one month didn’t happen overnight, the road to success has had plenty of set-backs and challenges. So how did these three lovely women create such a culture of success?

They say, “Good things come to those who wait” but for these women, GREAT things come to those who work! In the month of July, after five months of consistent hard work, their businesses completely transformed! I needed to be part of the action so I hit the road and headed to rural South Australia. I met the three ladies in question and their growing number of new Directors to discuss ‘the next step’ for their businesses. However, unbeknown to them, I had a big surprise in store! July’s hard work had paid off and it was an honour for me to celebrate eleven of their team advancing! Including six new Directors and two new Directors 3, the celebration had the leaders shedding tears of pride— the friendship and care for each other was undeniable.


“There’s just no other feeling quite like this – changing people’s lives every single day, and getting paid to do so, is surreal.” Yvette Brewin, Senior Director 6

Total July Advancements: Group July Earnings: $32,789.35 11



Phone calls “When your business is going through a flat spot it’s easy to let frustration take over. What I realised was, the minute I started helping someone new, I stopped making phone calls and personal enrolments; my leadership pipeline disappeared!” Said Carole, “So now we make phone calls a priority—every week staying accountable to each other. Now this is a weekly routine, the number of leaders we have to work with has doubled!” 2 Get them dreaming “When I show a potential customer a Delivering Wellness Presentation, I tell them my story. I may not be where I want to be yet, but I tell them with absolute certainty where I’m going and what it will mean to me when I get there.” Said Hayley, “I feel this helps me connect with people from the outset, and gets them dreaming about what Melaleuca could do for them.” 3 Show don’t train “We all live such busy lives, many people turn to Melaleuca to achieve work/life balance so it’s important to know where to spend your time.” said Yvette. “We treat the journey from Product Advocate to Director 3 as the Melaleuca apprenticeship—we don’t teach new business builders what to do, we do it with them! That way they earn while they learn and things move much more quickly.” 1

As I watch these women and their teams in action, I am reminded of the Winston Churchill quote: “Success is going from one failure to the next without ever losing your enthusiasm.” These women are not super-human. They get exactly the same rejection as everyone else yet they keep going, through the set-backs and the challenges, never losing their enthusiasm. You can follow in their footsteps—all you need to do is make a decision to start.

Melanie Frazer, Director of Sales

"To stand there and see what myself, Hayley and Yvette had started was just amazing. There were so many new faces in the room—new lives that we were able to touch and begin to transform." Carole Sellar, Senior Director 4


Memories to last a lifetime

Stepping off the plane in the tropical island paradise of Fiji, Fast Track attendees were greeted with enthusiastic cries of ‘BULA!’ clarifying exactly why Fiji is often referred

to as ‘the friendliest place on earth’. Immediately welcomed with open arms, the locals coaxed us into

their laidback ‘island time’ attitude—the perfect reward at the end of months of hard work for thirteen Melaleuca Marketing Executives.



Arriving at the luxurious Sofitel Fiji Resort and Spa attendees were whisked away to their private suites overlooking the crystal blue ocean “from the moment we landed, I had to pinch myself—were we really here in the heart of paradise on Melaleuca’s dime? Surely this can’t be real!?” said Director 8 Hayley Harding. Recovering from the onslaught of senses, attendees were treated to a delicious welcome dinner, set poolside in our own private bure, as the fairy lights twinkled we laughed, chatted and got acquainted, or in many cases re-acquainted. Spirits were high as we soaked in our surroundings and anticipated all the next four days had in store. Director 7 Alexis Shuttlewood summed up the sentiment of many when she said " It is just unbelievable to be here in Fiji, all made possible by concentrating on building my Melaleuca business— something that I do everyday to achieve my goals!” Blessed with the most perfect Fijian summers day, attendees embarked on their first adventure, setting sail for the Mamanuca Islands. As we pulled anchor at the tiny uninhabited South Sea Island, Director 3 Betty Bouras marvelled at the natural wonder before her “I just could not get over how aqua blue the water was! It was a scene from a postcard—something I’ve never seen before and will never ever forget!” With clear waters and a coral reef, hammocks that swayed peacefully under the cool shade of palm trees, the Island offered us plenty of opportunities of finding Nemo either snorkelling or in a glass bottom boat. For such a tiny Island there was no end to the possibilities. Those who felt adventurous took advantage of the kayaking and snorkelling, others embarked on life “To experience a trip like Fiji as a compliment to my hard work was just so overwhelming. Watching the sun set over the beach on the final night in Nadi, a rush of excitement overwhelmed me because I realised “this can be my life” – all I need to do is choose to apply my time and energy into building my Melaleuca business.” Director 8 Hayley Harding

changing experiences such as Senior Director 4 Carole Sellar “in the spirit of facing my fears, I decided to try out scuba diving for the first time ever! I’ve always had a fear of deep water, preferring to stay in waste deep and no further. So when I went to the BOTTOM of the ocean, it was a huge step for me and I am so glad that I did it! Seeing all those beautiful fish and coral up close was the most sensational thing I've ever done.”



Back row; Carolyn Jennings, Betty Bouras, Kerri-Anne Richardson, Carole Sellar, Hayley Harding, Daniel Wood, Cyreen & Colin Davidow, Tanya Weiden. Front row; Karen and Ian Muntelwit, Alexis Shuttlewood, Dean Bennett. As we sat down to enjoy our buffet lunch on the Island, we were treated to a traditional Meke performance, an amazing cultural experience that was unforgettable. Before heading back to the resort, our catamaran meandered through the crystal clear waters from Island to Island giving us a taste of the true beauty of Fiji’s Mamanuca Islands, and inspiring us to dream of our next holiday destination. Thoroughly relaxed from our day out on the Island, we spent the evening dining under the stars in a private hut on the beachfront at Salt restaurant. Sunday morning saw the group venture out to a destination that lived up to its name—Cloud 9. Nothing could have could have prepared us as we arrived at a double story pontoon with a pizza restaurant floating in the middle of the aqua blue ocean “Cloud 9 was by far the highlight of the trip! Being dropped into the middle of nowhere, where the water is so clear you can see the white sand at the bottom was just incredible.” Said Director 4 Carolyn Jennings. Surrounded by nothing but turquoise water and colourful marine life was truly breathtaking, a once in a lifetime experience! Whether attendees chose to lounge around on the luxurious daybeds, or simply slip into the ocean from the edge of the pontoon, Cloud 9 presented the perfect combination of relaxation and adventure! The option to jump from the top level into the crystal clear water proved too tempting for many of the group, who jumped off without hesitation, but for others it meant rallying a courage they didn’t know they had and taking a leap of faith into the unknown. The sense of accomplishment was apparent and the afternoon was truly blissful.



As our time in Fiji drew to a close, attendees were treated to a lavish farewell dinner. It was during this time that attendees shared their highlights of the trip, and what it really meant to be part of something as special as a Fast Track trip “To experience a trip like Fiji as a compliment to my hard work was just so overwhelming. Watching the sun set over the beach on the final night in Nadi, a rush of excitement overwhelmed me because I realised “this can be my life”  —all I need to do is choose to apply my time and energy into building my Melaleuca business.” Said Director 8 Hayley Harding. Sharing her sentiment was Senior Directors 3 Ian and Karen Muntelwit “Director of Sales Melanie Frazer mentioned at the start of this trip Frank’s concept of making life-changing decisions during moments of quiet. As we lay on the beach in the middle of paradise with no emails, no responsibilities and no place to be, that moment of clarity hit us—we have the ability to make our dreams come true! We’ve proved that we are capable by qualifying to be here. All we now need to do is apply the same intensity to our business consistently, and something special will happen.” said Karen. As we bid a big Vinaka to Fiji, one thing was for certain —the adventure of a lifetime may have ended, but the memories, the friendships and indeed the life-changing decisions made will never be forgotten.

Attendees were treated to a delicious welcome dinner, set poolside in our own private bure, as the fairy lights twinkled we laughed, chatted and got acquainted, or in many cases re-acquainted.


New products and business announcements, perfectly balanced to help you advance your business to Senior Director—fast!

Launch 2016 delivered everything business builders could wish for: exciting limited time offers, line extensions to our PURE™ Essential Oils range and the introduction of the Mountain Cabin™ Premium Coffee —which now puts Melaleuca in the competitive environment of one largest and most consumable market segments in Australia and New Zealand. Marketing Executives and customers alike crowded venues around Australia and New Zealand to be the first to hear about our game changing new products and business announcements. Excitement filled the room in anticipation of the announcements. The first new products unveiled were our limited time, customer favourites. These included Vitality Elevate™ Protein Bars , Sheer Confidence–Caribbean Sunset , Sei Bella™ StyleSetters , Sei Bella Parfum–Bella Fiore , and back by popular demand, Yoghurt Berry Parfait Simply Fit Bars . These highly consumable products are great for increasing customer order size and were very warmly received—no doubt be they’ll be filling everyone’s shopping basket over the next few months. PURE Essential Oils made a splash into our market back in February and to enliven everyone’s senses we introduced the crisp citrus scent, Sharpen, for a limited time to our range—but one of the most exciting announcements for this line was the introduction of the Roll-on and Mini Bottle accessories. These additions mean you can take your PURE Essential Oils with your ANYWHERE,

As the product line was unveiled the room erupted with cheers and excitement. Our 100% Arabica Coffee is a highly consumable product that will help change our market and keep our customers coming back for more. It is a product that will be in baskets each and every month, which is why it is such an important product and why everyone who attended could not wait to try it! Perhaps even exceeding our new product announcements were our business announcements. We introduced the new “Getting Started” web pages to help all of your new business builder’s start enrolling while their excitement is highest—as soon as they enrol! We introduced the “Express” shipping and handling service which allows all Australian customers to receive their orders in a few days at a cost of just $4.95. What’s more we removed the Value and Career Pack surcharges saving our new customers and business builders up to $19.95! The biggest and best business announcement was definitely the Double Pacesetter Incentive which allows new Marketing Executives to earn ninety to one hundred thousand dollars on their way to Senior Director… a car paid for by Melaleuca… and real, long term residual income! You’ll find lots more information about our newly launched products in this addition of Leadership in Action . For further details on business announcements, log on to www.melaleuca.com and click on the business centre or alternatively talk to Business development on 1800 07 33 99 in Australia or 0800 08 33 99 in New Zealand. We’re excited to see the success these product and business announcements have on your business.

and put favourite combinations together! Then came time for the ‘piece de resistance’.

The announcement that everyone had been waiting for, the introduction of Mountain Cabin Premium Coffee !




There is a place where nature’s peace restores your balance, energises your mood, and calms your mind. This is a place we invite you to experience today, and every day—every time you brew a cup of Mountain Cabin ™ Premium Coffee . Premium taste. Premium Experience.

Is it coffee’s many benefits? After all, coffee is a source of antioxidants. It can help boost your energy and focus in the morning, and also help you wind down after a hectic day. Perhaps you love coffee simply because it’s part of so many perfect moments, those times when you get to sit down, relax, and enjoy life for a while. With Mountain Cabin™ Premium Coffee, Melaleuca has brought out the best in all of those qualities. Mountain Cabin Premium Coffee contains 100% arabica beans in blends and single origin.

What do you love about coffee? Maybe it’s the aroma. After all, coffee is instantly recognisable in just a breath—and yet each cup’s aroma can also be composed of many subtle nuances that make it unique. Perhaps you love how versatile coffee is, with different growing regions contributing their own sublime flavours, different roasting methods bringing out the best in each bean, and different methods of preparation—black, latte, espresso, flavoured—creating many new, delicious experiences to discover.

Every cup is made for coffee lovers.


The introduction of Mountain Cabin Premium Coffee opens up a new market for your customers and is a delicious product addition that helps introduce new customers to our extensive range. The market size in Australia and New Zealand is approximately $3.2 billion in value, which presents an amazing opportunity to help grow your business using a products that enters Melaleuca into a market segment that continues to grow. The 100% Arabica beans used in both the Single Origin Ethiopia and Signature Blend are roasted to highlight the flavour and strength of each coffee making them ideal for any coffee lover.

signature blend

signature blend



premium roasted

premium roasted








Smooth rich,bold fullbodied

Smooth rich,bold fullbodied










premium roasted




Net Weight 250 g

Net Weight 250 g

Smooth rich, silkybody





Net Weight 250 g

World-Class Coffee Mountain Cabin Premium Coffee is made from 100% Arabica beans, which produce deep and complex flavours and delightful aromas. Sourced from renowned coffee regions around the world, Mountain Cabin Premium Coffee is then masterfully roasted to create a coffee sensation so you can

Mountain Cabin™ Premium Coffee



Ethiopia Available in ground and capsules.*

In a single taste of our Mountain Cabin™ Premium Coffee Ethiopia , you will experience sweet notes of citrus & stonefruit upfront, together with a smooth silky texture. This Single Origin 100% arabica coffee delights and satisfies, with a long lingering sweet cocoa finish with every sip making you want more.

Signature Blend Available in whole bean, ground and capsules.* LIGHT ROAST


In a single taste of our Mountain Cabin™ Premium Coffee Signature Blend , you will experience the balanced texture of smooth rich dark chocolate with hints of cacao to stimulate your senses. This beautifully rounded coffee delivers unique notes of spice berry with a hint of acidity. Our Signature Blend’s complex mix of four 100% arabica beans, come together to create a coffee sensation that lingers lightly on the palate before leaving you with a long clean finish.

experience flavourful, rich coffee in every single cup.

*Nespresso® compatible capsules

Australians and New Zealanders drink approximately 9 cups of coffee a week.

The market in Australia and New Zealand is worth approximately $3.2 billion.

Over 500,000 pods machines were purchased in 2015.




Simply Fit Bars are a perfect versatile snack that suits both adults and children —take them with you where ever you go so you have a healthy snack on hand whenever you need it. Simply fit Chewy Snack Bars A good snack can make a big difference. Simply Fit Chewy Snack Bars , made with whole grains and packed with protein, fibre, and ALA omega-3s, are that kind of snack—with the lasting satisfaction, healthy pick-me-up, and tempting textures and flavours that can turn around any day. Limited time . The take-anywhere, better-for-you bar

Yoghurt Berry Parfait Snack Bar



120mg SODIUM




Shortens your turn around time Vitality Elevate™ Ultra-Performance Protein Bars Perfect for a powerful protein boost, Ultra-Performance Protein Bars deliver both fast-absorbing and gradual-absorbing proteins to extend workout recovery benefits, boost nitrogen balance, and support lean muscle growth and retention. Limited time .

• Great-tasting, satisfying nutrition • Delivers extended amino acid release • Helps build and retain lean muscle • Promotes recovery from exercise


3.5g BCAAs Supports muscle tissue growth and repair to achieve a lean, toned figure


Double Chocolate Crisp Protein Bars 346 CALORIES 6g SAT.FAT 13g SUGAR 33g CARBS

280mg SODIUM

The multi-source protein blend extends the release of amino acids and boosts muscle nitrogen balance

Provides an excellent source of dietary fibre and aids in healthy digestion



Great value packs Now save your customers more

We make it easy to convert customers’ homes to safer, smarter products. From the kitchen to laundry, to the bathroom, we’ve got all customer needs covered. When your customers order these 41 product point packs not only will they receive an additional 15% discount on preferred customer price, if they place their order online they will also be entitled to half price shipping.

Your choice of one from their range

Sei Bella Essentials 4 Products ITEM # 2916 SAVE 40% MARKET AU $248.50 NZ $298.50 Save an additional AU $28.00/ NZ $34.00†

PREFERRED AU $149.00 NZ $179.00


Choose any 1

Choose any 1

Choose any 1

Your choice of one from their range

PURE™ Essential 5 Pack ITEM # 345 SAVE 30% MARKET AU $186.00 NZ $207.50 Save an additional AU $19.45 NZ $23.15†

EcoSense® Cleaning bundle ITEM # 7981 SAVE 30% MARKET AU $177.50 NZ $204.50 PREFERRED AU $123.95 NZ $142.95 Save over an additional AU $12.45/ NZ $15.60†


PREFERRED AU $129.95 NZ $144.95


Your choice of one from their range

Your choice of one Your choice of two

Every Day Pack ITEM # 9859 SAVE 30%

Full Body Pack ITEM # 1725 SAVE 30%

MARKET AU $171.50 NZ $196.50

PREFERRED AU $119.95 NZ $137.50


MARKET AU $157.50 NZ $181.50

PREFERRED AU $109.95 NZ $126.95


Save over an additional AU $12.55/ NZ $14.75†

Save over an additional AU $14.05/ NZ $16.60†

For contents see www.melaleuca.com †Compared to buying the products individually at Preferred Customer prices.



Limited Time

Gorgeous &Glowing Spring Styles

Spring is here! Our current limited time Sei Bella StyleSetters are the perfect match for anyone’s wardrobe. Introduce new customers to Melaleuca with these stylish and fashionable colours that are available in carefully selected palettes that perfectly complement each other. Our Nail Colours are bright, fun and perfect for any spring or summer occasion.

NAIL POLISH LIMITED TIME Bring a pop of colour to any look with new Sei Bella Nail Colours . Five flirty shades are on-trend, long-lasting, and nothing short of fabulous. • High-shine, glossy finish

• Long-lasting and chip-resistant • Free of formaldehyde, toluene, and DBP (dibutyl phthalate)



STYLESETTERS PALETTES LIMITED TIME Get ready for warmer seasons with the NEW Summer Romance StyleSetters Palettes . These limited-edition palettes have everything you need to create a gorgeous glow with a dash of romance. This palette features four eye shadows, a blush, a bronzer, and a highlighter—all in shades that are universally flattering. Plus, you’ll get easy-to-follow instructions for highlighting and contouring that help you shine the spotlight on your unique beauty.

Starlit Passage:  Stolen kisses and fairy-tale endings come to life in this shimmering palette perfect for creating a sultry smoky eye.

Hidden Cove: A fun, flirty palette that is equal parts soft and energetic. Perfect for adding a little romance to any look.


SKU Nº 2908*

SKU Nº 2793*

Secret Vineyard: Juicy, rich shades combine to create a lush palette and a variety of looks, from natural to dramatic.

Tuscan Hideaway:  Warm, earthy shades heat up your look and rekindle romance, whether you want a bold look or a soft, natural style.


SKU Nº 2798*

SKU Nº 3366*





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