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When Linda Rutgers sells her handcraf- ted ornaments at the region’s markets, she is helping the next generation deve- lop skills of their own. 5IFQSPDFFETGSPNUIF)BXLFTCVSZXP - NBOTXPSLGPSNBGVOEGPSTUVEFOUTFOUFSJOH the trades or apprenticeships after school. As Studio “R” Crafts, Rutgers’ Christmas EFDPSBUJPOT DBSET LOJUT BOEPUIFS JUFNT go toward a scholarship for a trades-oriented TUVEFOUFBDIZFBSBU7BOLMFFL)JMM$PMMFHJBUF Institute. The scholarship was set up in honour of 3VUHFSTIVTCBOE)BSSZ XIPEJFEPGTUPNBDI cancer in 2015. As production manager at )PNFBOE(BSEFOJO4BJOU*TJEPSF )BSSZIBE mentored many of the younger employees since the couple moved from Alberta in 5IPTFXPSLFSTSFBDIFEPVUUP3VUHFST after her husband’s death. “Quite a few of the young people he XPSLFEXJUIDBNFVQUPNFBOETBJEIPX much he had taught, how much he had given them opportunities when no-one else would, how he believed in them, how he gave them experience and confidence to go on to a CFUUFSKPC uTIFTBJEi)FXBTOUBUFBDIFS  he wasn’t a sports guy or anything. I thought, what better way to pass on that legacy of IFMQJOHLJETUIBUIFXPSLFEXJUIJOUIFUSBEFT than to start a scholarship for the trades.” Rutgers combined her love of crafts with UIBUEFTJSFUPIPOPVS)BSSZTNFNPSZBOE FTUBCMJTIFE4UVEJPi3u$SBGUT BOEXPSLFE XJUIUIF7BOLMFFL)JMM$PMMFHJBUF*OTUJUVUFUP

Les ventes effectuées par Studio R Crafts’ de Linda Rutgers sont destinées à un fonds qui aide les étudiants qui envisagent d’exercer un métier au Vankleek Hill Collegiate Institute. — photo Stephen Jeffery

set up a fund to benefit a different student each year. The scholarship is handed out at the school’s graduation each June and is made up of the proceeds from Studio “R” Crafts sales at Christmas stalls and online com- missions through the previous year. Recipients have gone on to careers in avionic mechanics, carpentry and other trades. The scholarships, which range in value from about $600 to $900 each year, are available for those students actively

planning to enter a trade, whether through an apprenticeship or college. i&WFOJGZPVHFUJOUPBOBQQSFOUJDFTIJQ  you need to buy your own tools, and if you’re going into a school, you still have to buy CPPLT ZPVTUJMMIBWFUPQBZUVJUJPO u3VUHFST said. “It’s not cheap, so the recipients have been very appreciative.” Despite COVID, the scholarship will go ahead at the coming graduation. Smaller

$ISJTUNBTNBSLFUT DPNCJOFEXJUIBCPPTU in commissions and online sales, has helped Rutgers build up the funds to assist another student. “It won’t be as much of a scholarship this year, but it’ll be a decent amount,” she said. “I’m trying to branch out more than Christmas and I try to learn something new every year so there’s something different at UIFNBSLFUTu



East Hawkesbury Township now has its municipal budget ready for 2021. Two capital project items in the budget that please Mayor Robert Kirby include a OFX SFTDVF WBO GPS UIF&BTU)BXLFTCVSZ Fire Department and plans to change the heating system for the community centre in Sainte-Anne-de-Prescott from electric to propane. “There should be some savings there,” said Mayor Kirby during a December 21 phone interview, adding that reinsulation of the building is also part of the plan. The township will cost share the expense of changing over the community centre heating system through a senior-level government program. The 2021 budget includes a funding allo- cation towards purchase of a fully equipped rescue van for the municipal fire department. "ENJOJTUSBUJPOXJMMNBLFBUFOEFSDBMMMBUFS in 2021 for proposals from companies that specialize in emergency vehicles. Mayor Kirby noted that the municipality should be able to avoid having to get a loan to help XJUIQVSDIBTFPGB SFTDVF WBOi8FBMTP have some money put away for it,” he said. The 2021 budget approved during council’s December 14 session. The total budget is $5,834,918, including a capi- UBMXPSLTBMMPDBUJPOPG  5IF

NVOJDJQBM MFWZXJMMCF  5IJT represents the property tax portion of the municipality’s revenue. Provincial and federal HSBOUTBOEPUIFSTPVSDFTPGSFWFOVFNBLF up the rest of the total budget. There will be a one per cent increase in municipal taxes, but there are increases planned for the user rates for garbage col- lection, recycling collection, or municipal sewage service. For homeowners in the township, the one-per-cent tax increase equals an increase PGJOSFTJEFOUJBMQSPQFSUZUBYGPSFWFSZ $100,000 of assessed value for a house and land. Un nouveau système de chauffage au propane destiné à remplacer l’actuel système électrique du centre communautaire de Saint-Anne-de-Prescott fait partie de la liste des projets de travaux d’immobilisations du budget 2021 du canton de Hawkesbury Est. Le budget comprend une augmentation d’un pour cent des taxes foncières. —photo Gregg Chamberlain

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