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And a Love Worth Celebrating

the whole day on the lake. Equipped with our suits and another layer or two, it was just fine. We also had a blast testing out the Jet Ski we bought last year; the kids had so much fun that the Jet Ski was running constantly as they took turns on it. We had a paddleboard too, so those who weren’t on the Jet Ski could still hang out on the water. The younger kids had a blast on the beach, playing in the sand and relaxing. We spent most of the day on the water, all the way up to dinnertime.Then, we went to fill our hungry bellies up with some tasty food. At one point, we saw a baby moose walking where we were hanging out. We felt a mixture of excitement and fear — excitement at being so close to wildlife and fear that this moose’s mother might be close by and wouldn’t be so happy to see us near her baby! Beth and I got ready to grab the younger kids if we needed to, but, fortunately, the baby moose just munched on some grass and moseyed on through with no mother in sight. It was a cool experience. Payette Lake is stunning, isn’t it? The vast, clear water and trees on the mountain ridges make for a beautiful view. I really appreciated being up there and having the beach almost to ourselves. It was a perfect time to go, and the relaxing weekend was a wonderful way to kick off the summer season. Thinking about my family and how much joy they bring me, I want to take a moment and dedicate this article to my partner, friend, wife, and the love of my life, Beth. As you read this, Beth and I will likely be on our way to Spain to celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary. It’s hard to believe it’s been 20

years.Those two decades seem to have gone by in a flash, and at the same time, each year has been full of the love, adventures, and family that Beth and I made together. Our trip to Spain will be an incredible way to celebrate an exciting milestone with the love of my life and to kick off the next 20 years of marriage with her. Beth, here’s to us!

We recently got back from our first trip to McCall for the summer, and, man, it was good to get to the mountains for a weekend! Our whole family came along, and we stayed in a cozy cabin close to the lake. We slept in every day, enjoyed breakfast together, and let the weather warm up a bit before we headed outside. Though the water was cold, the weather was beautiful, and we had no problem spending

–Dr. Elkins

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