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HEALTH & WELLNESS The Newsletter About Your Health and Caring for Your Body

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• Sacroiliac joint dysfunction • Coccydynia

A physical therapist is highly skilled in evaluating and treating various musculoskeletal and neurological conditions affecting the body. This profession focuses on assessing any underlying factors, such as strength, neuromuscular control, balance, coordination, skeletal alignment, and endurance, which may be contributing to impaired functional mobility, activity participation, and quality of life. Of course, most people only seek physical therapy when they’re suffering from a common injury or condition such as whiplash, tendonitis, low back pain, ligament sprains, and plantar fasciitis. Perhaps lesser known is that chronic pelvic pain and dysfunction, including incontinence, can also respond positively to physical therapy intervention. Causes Of Incontinence & Chronic Pelvic Pain If you have pain in your pelvis, it may not always be fully clear what’s causing it. Some common causes of pelvic floor dysfunction and chronic pelvic pain include, but are not limited to: • Pregnancy

and hips. You may also have decreased tolerance to a variety of activities including sitting or standing, walking, exercise, and sexual intercourse. How A Physical Therapist Can Treat Your Pelvic Pain Every patient presenting with chronic pelvic pain is unique. If you come to see a physical therapist for your pelvic dysfunction, you’ll be takenthroughathoroughphysicalexamination and patient history questionnaire. He or she willaskyouspecificquestionsaboutyourpain, what makes it worse and better, and whether you have a history of any related issues. Based ontheresultsoftheexamination,yourphysical therapist can then develop a customized treatment plan to relieve your symptoms and address the suspected underlying causes to prevent recurring dysfunction. We can help you understand more about your pelvic pain and help you find relief. Call our clinics at Leesburg: 703-443-6700 and Lansdowne: 703-858-9880 or visit us at loudounpt.com/newsletter-request- appointment/.

• Irritation of the pudendal nerve (which originates near the bottom of your spine) • Irritable bowel syndrome • Levator ani syndrome (increased tension in pelvic floor muscles) • Post-surgical complications (e.g., pain following a hysterectomy, hernia repair, cesarean section, and/or prostatectomy) Any of these conditions may lead to inadequate support of the organs contained with your pelvic cavity, increased pressure or inflammation of nerves, muscles, and other connective tissues (including your bladder), and impaired pelvic bone alignment. These symptoms can be frustrating, painful, and embarrassing, and may limit your tolerance to daily participation in desired activities, including exercise. Other symptoms frequently appear with pelvic pain, including incontinence, bloating, abdominalpressure,reluctance tostrainwhile defecating, and pain in the low back, buttocks,

UNDERSTANDING INCONTINENCE While more women than men are affected, men can have urinary problemstoo,especiallyafterprostatesurgery.Manyyoungpeoplealso can get urinary incontinence. Fortunately, there are many treatments that can help with urinary incontinence. Behavioral Treatment: Some people find relief by making simple lifestyle changes. If you have stress incontinence and leak urine when youcough,sneeze,or laugh,yourphysical therapistmay tellyou to limit howmuchyoudrink. Ifyouhaveurge incontinence, inwhichyouget the suddenurge tourinateandhave troublemaking it to thebathroom,you may be told to avoid spicy foods, caffeine, and carbonated drinks, as theycan irritate thebladderandmake theproblemworse.Exercises to strengthen thepelvic floormuscles,knownasKegels,cansometimes helpwith incontinence.Sometimestheyarecombinedwithbiofeedback techniques to help you know if you are doing the exercises properly. For urge incontinence, bladder training can also help by gradually increasing the interval time between trips to the bathroom, working up to longer and longer intervals between bathroom stops. Devices and Absorbent Products: Protectivepadsandpanty liners can help avoid embarrassing situations. A pessary, a plastic device inserted into thevagina,mayhelppreventurine leakagebysupporting the neck of the bladder; it is most useful for stress incontinence. Mild tomoderatecasesofcommon typesof incontinencecanbecured orgreatly improvedbybehavioralorexercisetherapy.Wecanalsoteach youhabitsand techniques toreduceurgencyandurge incontinence (or leaking with a strong urge on the way to the bathroom). Even periodic incontinence is not something you have to deal with. We can help! Call us at Leesburg: 703-443-6700 and Lansdowne: 703-858-9880 or schedule an appointment today at loudounpt.com/newsletter-request-appointment/.


Direct Access Puts You in Charge of Your Care and Brings Physical Therapy to You Now, When You Need It! Physical therapy is easier to get than you think. Whether you want to come in for a check-up, suffered a recent injury, or you want to improve your health, a physician referral is no longer needed for physical therapy. A licenced physical therapist may begin the process of therapy by performing a full evaluation, immediately. Patients thataresentby theirphysiciannowalsohave thepower to choosewheretoreceivephysicaltherapy.Scheduleanappointment with Loudoun Physical Therapy today by visiting our website at loudounpt.com/newsletter-request-appointment/. Come get the help you need and find relief more quickly without needing to see your physician first. Let us help you get back to living life, today. Visitourwebsiteatloudounpt.com/newsletter-request-appointment/to scheduleyourphysicaltherapyappointmentnow,orcallusatourLeesburg (703-794-5581) or Lansdowne (703-794-5587) locations.

MEET OUR TEAM: DIANA L I EN, PT Diana Lien is a Physical Therapist at Loudoun Physical Therapy at the Leesburg office. Diana has been practicing for the past 2 years. She graduated from the University of Rochester with aBachelorsofScience inCellandDevelopmental Biology and earned her Doctorate of Physical Therapy from Temple University.

free time, Diana is a foodie and likes to try new restaurants. She also enjoys hiking, and playing tennis. EDUCATION: • Bachelor’s Degree: Cell and Developmental Biology at the University of Rochester • DoctorofPhysicalTherapy:TempleUniversity in Philadelphia, PA EXPERTISE: • TriggerPointDryNeedling (TPDN)Certification • Manual Therapy Techniques

Diana enjoys using evidence based practice and incorporating exercises based on patient oriented goals in her treatments. Diana enjoys using various manual therapy techniques and workingwithclientsofvariousages.Shebelieves intreatingthebodyasafunctionalunit. Inaddition, she uses certified in Trigger Point Dry Needling (TPDN) as another treatment tool. She escaped the cold weather in Rochester and moved to Virginia 2 years ago. During her


PELVIC FLOOR THERAPY FEATURED SERVICE Themuscles,tendons,and ligamentsthatcomprisethe pelvic floor all serve an extremely important purpose, astheysupportthecoreofyourbody.Ourhighlytrained physical therapists can help in relieving your pelvic pain, improving your flexibility, and increasing your overall functionality. Common Problems Pelvic Floor Therapy Can Treat:

OUR SERVICES • Women’s Health • Return to Work Programs • Return to Play Programs • Auto Injury Recovery • Active Range of Motion (AROM) Therapy • Ultrasound Therapy • Inflammation Reduction HAS YOUR PA I N COME BACK? Keep up with your physical therapy exercises to relieve pain and prevent further injuries. If your pain doesn’t subside, consult with your therapist about what other things might be causing pain. Call Loudoun Physical Therapy or visit our website at loudounpt.com/ newsletter-request-appointment/. We will guide you so you can get back to the activities you love. • Aquatic Therapy • Sports Rehabilitation • Therapeutic Exercise • Resistance & Flexibility • Trigger Point Dry Needling • Cryotherapy • Electrical Stimulation • Pelvic Health 1 2 3

• Endometriosis • Urinary incontinence • Constipation

• Postpartum pelvic pain • Pain following abdominal surgery

To learnmore about the benefits of Pelvic Floor Therapy at Loudoun Physical Therapy, callustoday(Leesburg:703-443-6700,Lansdowne703-858-9880)orvisitloudounpt.com.


“What an awesome, caring group of therapists and staff! I would return to work with any one in the staff. Loudoun Physical Therapy is a great mix of people who are attentive to their patient’s needs. Their approach to a person’s well-being is fantastic.” - C.P. Loudoun Physical Therapy is a great mix of people who are attentive to their patient’s needs.”



Relieve Incontinence Sit in a chair with tall, relaxed posture. Slowly and gradually contract your pelvic floor until you reach maximum strength. Then slowly return to your relaxed position.

Have you had the freedom to receive Physical Therapy on your own without a referral? Let us know for a chance to WIN A GIFT CARD TO DUNKIN’ DONUTS! Choose your location and let us know via a Google Review how PT helped you, without needing a referral! For Leesburg: Visit tinyurl.com/ReviewLeesburg For Lansdowne: Visit tinyurl.com/ReviewLansdowne


Always consult your physical therapist or physician before starting exercises you are unsure of doing.

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