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A Hobby to Last a Lifetime

I guess my parents knew what they were doing, because one day, I realized I was having fun.

I started to enjoy the music. I wasn’t playing because I had to anymore — I was playing because I liked it. I liked singing, and I liked being in the band. In high school, I added the piano to my repertoire, and it’s something I enjoy to this day.

Singing and playing music became an outlet — a way to relieve stress and enjoy myself. A way to sink into the moment and get lost in a tune.

Of course, when you become a parent yourself, you gain a better understanding of the decisions your parents made. I wanted my kids to be involved in extracurricular activities because I knew how those pursuits had helped me grow and develop.

I love practicing law; it’s my biggest passion. But it’s also important to have healthy outlets so I can turn off the stress and hit the refresh button.

Music is my outlet at the end of a long day. I enjoy singing, playing the bass guitar, and playing the piano. My son plays just about every instrument you can think of — saxophone, piano, trombone, clarinet, trumpet — and jamming out and having fun with melodies is one of our favorite hobbies. As much as I enjoy playing music now, I didn’t have much choice about it when I was a kid. My parents understood the importance of extracurricular activities for kids, so I spent a lot of time practicing at home, practicing with the band, or playing in front of our church congregation. My parents often had to threaten punishment in order to get me to practice. Because of their insistence, I learned to play the bass guitar and played each Sunday in our church band. It was a family affair back then, too — my brother played the guitar. We practiced at home and with the band throughout the week, then showed up each Sunday to play.

For me, that outlet is music. It’s coming home at the end of a long day in court and perfecting a piece on the piano or rocking out with my son. The activity my parents once had to nag me about is now my favorite hobby. I’m sure any of you who have kids understand this. You want them to be involved in something they love and learn skills that will last them a lifetime. And those of you who play instruments probably understand why your parents urged you to keep playing. It’s great to have that skill now, isn’t it? Next month, we’re bringing the music to you — we’re mixing work and fun during our next client appreciation party. Even if you don’t play an instrument or can’t carry a tune, you can help us keep the music alive, because our party is going to feature a karaoke machine! We’ll have fun and laugh together. Maybe you’ll even hear me sing. I can’t wait to see you there! Be on the lookout for more details about the get-together coming soon.

–Amiel Wade

“The activity my parents once had to nag me about is now my favorite hobby.”

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