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ON THE MOVE BALFOUR BEATTY PROMOTES LESLEE MALLINSON TO SENIOR VICE PRESIDENT Balfour Beatty announced the promotion of Leslee Mallinson to senior vice president of Brand and Communications for the company’s national operations. In her role, Mallinson serves on the company’s executive leadership team and leads the delivery of strategic communications counsel and brand management across the Balfour Beatty’s U.S. Buildings and Civils businesses. Mallinson joined Balfour Beatty in 2000 and has been an instrumental member of the company’s executive leadership team for the last eight years. As an experienced and passionate communications advisor, she manages and oversees the company’s internal and external communications activities including employee communications, media and public relations, crisis and issuemanagement, socialmedia, national marketing and brand management. Additionally, Mallinson works closely

with Balfour Beatty’s Operational, Marketing and Shared Services teams where she directs effective and impactful communications to the company’s many stakeholders with the goal of fostering authentic connections. Her most recent accomplishments include working to create a shared services communications model to support the company’s Buildings, Civils and Investments businesses, championing Balfour Beatty’s diversity, equity and inclusion efforts, advancing the tools and technologies to communicate effectively among many more important initiatives. “We are pleased to announce Leslee’s promotion to senior vice president of Brand and Communications at Balfour Beatty,” said Eric Stenman, president of Balfour Beatty U.S. “Leslee is an esteemed partner on the executive leadership team who holds the bar high for us to not only focus on our overall business strategy, but our most valuable asset – our people. She is the epitome of a Relentless Ally in our

business, and it is an honor to witness her leadership and passion for shepherding an authentic brand voice, promoting innovative solutions and advocating for our employees.” Mallinson is a graduate of Austin College and Southern Methodist University and is an active volunteer in the Dallas community in which Balfour Beatty helped build. Balfour Beatty is an industry-leading provider of general contracting, at-risk construction management and design- build services for public and private sector clients across the United States. Performing heavy civil and vertical construction, the company is part of Balfour Beatty plc, a leading international infrastructure group that provides innovative and efficient infrastructure that underpins our daily lives, supports communities and enables economic growth. Balfour Beatty is ranked among the top domestic building contractors in the United States by Engineering News- Record.

4. Involve your CEO in the effort. You may think it doesn’t make any difference, but believe me, it does. If the top person in a recognized firm shows interest in hiring someone, that person will be much more willing to talk in the first place – and, if the CEO creates a positive impression, more likely to take the job should an offer eventually be made. Use this resource! Putting the right people on your “team” is super important. Act like it is. And while I am on this subject, use your top technical and design staffers more as the first contact with your potential hires as opposed to someone in your HR department who has been with you for a year or two. People are much more likely to go to the next step if someone they would actually work for and with shows an interest in them. 5. Promote the unique aspects of working at your firm. Are you totally flexible on where and when your line professionals work? That’s a huge deal if so. Are you an open-book company that shares all of its financials? Not every company is. Do you sell stock to key people or are you an ESOP company? Talk about it. Do you have any unusual benefits? Share them and promote them. Stop acting like the whole universe of potential job candidates already knows this stuff. They don’t. As I regularly find myself saying to our readers, past and present clients, and friends, there is ALWAYS something you can do. You don’t need a big plan. You need action. Meet and talk less about what you COULD do, and instead just start doing it! Mark Zweig is Zweig Group’s chairman and founder. Contact him at

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turn down your invitation, don’t just give up. Try again at a later date. So much of recruiting is about timing. Just because someone won’t consider making a move today doesn’t mean they won’t want to six months from now or two years from now. Persistence wins the race. “There is always something you can do. You don’t need a big plan. You need action. Meet and talk less about what you could do, and instead just start doing it!” 3. Get your marketing people to help you. Do you have a video where actual employees are interviewed giving testimonials on what a great place your firm is to work for? If not, you need one. Do you sprinkle quotes from those people on the recruitment section of your website? If not you need to. Do you even have a recruitment section on your website that is more than a list of job openings? If not, you need one. Do you ever send out recruitment emails to a database of potential candidates – one that you put together through state professional registration lists, rented magazine subscriber lists, or other lists you assembled in-house? If not, you should. Do you ever send out any press releases to the media about what a cool company you are to work for? If not, you had better start. These things all take the help of your marketing department. Involve them.

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