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Positive influence: David Cumming Principal at RLG Consulting Engineers (Dallas, TX), a firm that specializes in civil, structural, survey, and forensic engineering.


A s structural and forensics principal at RLG Consulting Engineers, Cumming has the knowledge and capability to handle a wide variety of project types which require a broad range of problem solving. Projects have ranged from structural assessments to peer reviews to additions and renovations to the design of numerous high-rise structures. He has led recovery efforts from tornado events and reviewed buildings after blast loads, hurricanes, fire damage, and waterline breaks. “Challenge yourself daily to refine and grow your engineering talents,” Cumming says. “Licensed engineers are trusted with public safety, so clarity in thought and ethical conduct is essential. Proactively face challenges and be a positive influence on those around you.” A CONVERSATIONWITH DAVID CUMMING. RLG: What made you decide to go to college to become an engineer? David Cumming: As a kid, I enjoyed building snow forts with tunnels and arches during the winter, working on small

projects around the house with my dad, and seeing how bridges and buildings were built. I started writing computer programs on the TI-99/4A home computer in middle school. Several years later, I started college in computer science and spent hours compiling programs to run on those green- screen terminals. Then, looking for a better direction with more challenges, I transferred to an engineering school and continued my interest in buildings. RLG: What was your first on-the-job experience as an engineer? DC: My career in engineering now spans almost 30 years. In the early ‘90s, my first engineering internship was at the Wisconsin Department of Transportation, and the project was an important highway interchange. On returning for my second year of a summer internship, my supervisor placed an office phone on my desk and said, “Here you go.” This meant my supervisor trusted me to lead this high-profile project. After graduating with my undergraduate civil engineering


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