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April 2018

Inquiring minds want to know! Q: What types of flowers or garden do you like to plant? A: Marissa: A small herb garden. Katie: Sunflowers are my favorite to watch grow. Gardening: tomatoes, peppers, green beans, squash, cucumbers, melon, pumpkins. Elaine: potted flowers and herbs – a variety. Gardening: a few tomato plants, and frequent trips to the farmer’s market for sweet corn and all the rest. I love my perennial plants that come up yearly seemingly without my help. Christi: Tomato gardening, all varieties. “I get my love of tomato gardening frommy 87 year old father, who plants exactly 99 tomato plants each year in his garden.” Q: Favorite park for springtime visits? A: Marissa: Brown County State Park! Katie: Brown County State Park and Great Smokey Mountains. Elaine: Eagle Creek Park and Brown County State Park. Christi: my own back yard, adjacent to Little Eagle Creek. Q: What outdoor activity do you look forward to most after the winter thaw? A: Marissa: Playing lawn games. Katie: Hiking and biking. Elaine: Biking and running. Christi: Gardening. Q: What recommendations do you have for getting back into shape this spring? A: Marissa: Just start. Starting is the hardest part, but it pays off once you begin feeling more energized. Katie: Start small and (gradually) work your way up! Some activity, even a small amount or slow movements, is better than no activity. Start where you are, and go from there.

Christi’s dad with his grandson

Don’t expect great gains to happen overnight! Elaine: Get outside and find walking or bicycle paths you enjoy. Get into nature – away from the screens. Get a buddy if you like to chat or for safety. Give yourself a goal, such as a 5K walk or race for charity, or a certain distance for biking or walking. Sign up, and post the date so that you remember to train for it. (Let us know your results!!) Christi: Exercise equipment of my choice = shovel, gloves and clippers. So there you have it – spring into April with us, won’t you? “Times of transition are strenuous, but I love them. They are an opportunity to purge, rethink priorities, and be intentional about new habits. We can make our new normal any way we want.” - Kristin Armstrong


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