PTIS_Avoid Future Injury with Physical Therapy


No matter what type of physical activity you partake in, it is possible for injuries to occur. Whether you enjoy taking walks at night, playing sports on the weekends, or training for athletic trials throughout the week, it is important to make sure you are always being as safe as possible. Perhaps the most common injury that people endure from physical activity is an overall feeling of soreness, caused by overusing the muscles, tendons, and ligaments. When the

muscles, tendons, or ligaments are over- stretched, the tissues experience minor damage in the form of microscopic tears. This typically occurs when completing an exercise that the body is not used to, or exercising for the first time after a prolonged period of rest. The soreness may linger for a few days but usually goes away on its own. However, the severity of the damage determines how long the body will need to recover. (Continued inside)

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