Fyzical El Paso: Relieving Low Back, Hip & Knee Arthritis


May, 2019



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Whether you have arthritis pain or have been suffering for a long time, seeing a physical therapist at Fyzical Therapy & Balance Centers can help you return to a more active and pain-free life. Give us a call today:

Morenews!TheweekendbeforeMother’sDay,JohnnyOwens,thenational leader in the science of Blood Flow Restriction (PBFR), will be coming to El Paso to do a trainingseminarforourcareteam.This isJohnny’sthirdvisittoElPasofortraining. This field changes so rapidly for us to stay fresh we just have to have ongoing training. All of our new team members will be there to learn about new research andapproaches inthisever-changingfield.Wearethrilledtohavethisopportunity tocontinuetobuildourteam inordertostriveforthestate-of-the-artapplicationof this new science.Lastly, the weekend after Johnny Owens’ training, Brian Werner willbecomingtotown!Brian isanationallyrenownedteacherofcareforDizziness, BalanceandVestibularDisorders.BrianwillbeteachingaLevel2trainingprogram on balance. All of our new team members will be attending that conference, in addition to any existing teammembers who are interested in staying current. Our approach is constantly updated so study and training like this is essential. Summer time is off season for athletes? Not for us… AtFyzicalElPaso,wewant to make sure you’re ready for the coming season. High school athletes who have had injuries during the season want to be sure the recovery is complete. It’s really common to have underlying issues that haven’t been addressed come back and biteyouonce the rigorous trainingbegins fornextseason.Besure thingsare fully recovered to avoid an injury next year. My youngest son Mason played basketball in college and I just recall several times in college playing days where I knew the recoverywas incompleteandsureenough the followingseason relatedproblems would surface. Maybe it’s an ankle injury not fully recovered so the athlete then

• NORTHEAST OFFICE: 915-755-0738 • EAST OFFICE: 915-593-4985 • WEST OFFICE: 915-313-6331 • NEW JOE BATTLE OFFICE: (915) 855-7780

developshiporkneeproblemsnextseason.Thathamstringbecomeschronic and resurfaces as a hip, knee or ankle injury once you begin competing. Concussion has a significant relationship to orthopedic injuries. Did you knowthat?Wefocuson injuryrehabilitationprograms,and injuryprevention/ performance programs so kids can play next year without fear of reinjury. Additionally, our athletic treatment programs aim to help athletes perform at the same level or HIGHER than they did before their injury occurred! Take advantage of your off season by visiting Fyzical El Paso to correct your injury and improve your performance! Weekend worriers are always welcome as well. PS. I’mtalkingabout InkyJohnsonnextmonth,whatan inspiration!Checkhim outonYou-tube.Wehadachanceto listentohismessage inNewOrleans.Wow.

-Luis, Fyzical El Paso

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