Jon Carson Consulting - March 2020

March 2020



Celebrating Idaho Women

One hundred and twenty-four years ago, in the great state of Idaho where we now live and write this newsletter, women obtained the right to vote. 2020 marks the start of Idaho Women 100, which celebrates the 100th anniversary of the passing of the 19th Amendment to the Constitution that gave women the right to vote nationwide. Idaho was the fourth state in our country to grant women the right to vote on Nov. 3, 1896, via Senate Joint Resolution 2. The vote was nearly 2-to-1 in favor (12,126 to 6,282), and it changed Idaho history. This occurred nearly 24 years before the 19th Amendment was passed on Aug. 18, 1920. Idaho was truly ahead of its time. I hope you and your team will take a moment to celebrate this monumental anniversary. After all, we study history to see what was, what could have been, and what might happen once more. As we focus on Idaho women past and present, we would like to recognize Claudia Weathermon Tester as one of the Idaho Business Review’s 2020 Women of the Year honorees. Competition was fierce, and the selection panel noted the great difficulty it had in choosing just 50 women (a record number, incidentally) to recognize. Honorees came from all industries and professions, including education, health care, science, government, and fine arts.

The panel scored applicants based on four criteria:

• • • •

Excellence in leadership

Professional accomplishment


Community involvement

We believe this year’s honor is particularly special because of the 100th anniversary celebration of women’s right to vote, and we are proud of Claudia’s significant contributions to the state of Idaho and to women in leadership.

Here at Jon Carson Consulting, we would like to honor some of the women we are privileged to work with.

Kelly Cox, Right Now Heating and Air Conditioning Staci Beeles, Allied Business Solutions Lynn Calvin and Jimmie Hurley, Snake River Stampede Lisa Spates, Benefit Bank Deb Flagan and Jaclyn Roberts, Hayden Homes Tyley Nelson and Dallis Fontenot, ESI Allison Shride and Suzie Shride, Mathnasium

Gina Baker, Alderus Mortgage Kathy Johnson, United Heritage Codi Galloway and Jen Galloway, OEC Amber Fawson, Saalt

“This is a truly amazing group of women,” said Idaho Business Review Associate Publisher Cindy Suffa after reviewing the scores and applications. “We are thankful for every woman who applied, and we are proud to see women doing good work and making a difference around the state.” Suffa added her thanks for the time and effort put forth by the panel of judges, which was made up of past Women of the Year honorees and members of the Idaho Business Review staff.

Many others should be on this list. It’s our honor to celebrate this year as the 100th anniversary of women’s voting rights and to urge you to continue to promote, coach, and encourage the women in your company to succeed as great leaders.

-Dave Tester


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