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FINDING BALANCE Talking With Nathan Shurte, Software Developer

Simple Recruitment Strategies That Wow Candidates

Winning customers over from industry giants is the eternal struggle of small businesses. But once you do get those customers and need to grow your company, an even bigger challenge becomes apparent: recruitment. You want the best and brightest employees representing your brand, but winning over top-tier recruits from big business can be daunting. The good news is that getting your business to stand out against multinational conglomerates with enormous recruitment budgets is not impossible! By getting a little creative and leveraging the qualities that make your company unique, you can generate buzz and win over excited new team members. Here are a few ways to stand out in the job market. Run a Competition Why not tap into recruits’ competitive sides? Designing a contest around the skill sets you’re looking for can be a great way to garner publicity and attract a pool of talented, eager candidates. The ad agency Ogilvy & Mather made waves by issuing a challenge over social media: Sell us this brick and win a chance to be part of our sales team. Video submissions answering this quirky call to action flooded in from around the globe, and Ogilvy got their pick of the most creative, outgoing sales candidates on the market. Be Mysterious Some of the best recruitment campaigns leave room for the imagination. When you implement ways to pique the interest of your hiring demographic, qualified recruits will do the work to search you out! Tech companies as large as Google have run enigmatic campaigns by disguising URLs as equations, daring tech-savvy minds to decode the message and end up on their recruitment site. One restaurant took a less mathematical approach and published an ad stating, “ I fin al avvv won moh befaw ah go ome .” The ad then asked any experienced bartender who could understand this sentence to apply. Embrace Your Quirks Company culture and work-life balance are huge selling points for modern candidates, making small businesses an attractive option over stuffy corporate gigs. Small businesses with vibrant cultures and personalities have leaned into this with their recruitment strategies. Entrepreneur Amy Rees asked her employees to create 6-second home videos of themselves performing their “dumbest talent ever.” These were then cut into hilarious 15-second ads that ran at a local theater, ending with the tag, “What Is Your Elite Talent?” and directing moviegoers to her URL. Rees’ company didn’t just talk about their culture; they found an affordable way to showcase it!

When it comes to employment opportunities, it is rare to find a place that can be called both stable and flexible. An organization with a great deal of stability often demands strict behavior from its employees. Meanwhile, a more flexible company can feel like it’s on the verge of collapse each day. With a family at home to take care of, Nathan Shurte has often erred on the side of stability. was stability in spades, but when Nathan realized certain management changes just weren’t his cup of tea, he reached out to a recruiter who just happened to be acquainted with Jane Holmes, our people services manager at RTS. Jane reached out to Nathan, who proceeded to sail through the interview process. Nathan joined our ranks of software developers last April, and works primarily in Java, “What I like about RTS is that there’s a great sense of stability,” Nathan says. “I like that the company isn’t just five guys in their garage. The company is over 80 people and growing. At the same time, the team has a lot of freedom in the way we approach our work. We need to get the job done on time, but we’re free to employ our preferred work style to get there. Sometimes we have to put in late hours, but I can tolerate that. This is a pretty good group of people to put in those hours with. “Everyone on the team is great at what they do. Sometimes I can feel a little outclassed, but that just goes to show the level of skill RTS attracts. I get to work with a team of talented developers, and in the five months I’ve been here, I have really learned a lot. RTS is this balance of stable and flexible I’ve been looking for and I’m really happy to be here.” Before starting at RTS Labs, Nathan worked with a large medical organization that employed upward of 18,000 people. There focusing a great deal on the day-to-day nuts and bolts of a project.




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