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The SOLANO Monthly February 2019 Edition | Edición de Febrero de 2019

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The past year was a busy one for Solano Law Firm. We helped many people overcome countless obstacles, assisting them through the immigration process and fighting for their rights. Within the law firm itself, we made a few big changes aimed at improving the client experience. We recognize that client experience is everything, so earlier in the year, we sat down and looked at the client onboarding process. We challenged ourselves to rethink the system in place, from the moment someone calls us with a potential case to the second the case is resolved. A big part of our updated client experience is centered on making things as easy as possible for clients. We want more clarity between clients and the people working on their cases. This started with setting up client expectations from the very beginning in such a way that everyone is on same page, but no one is overwhelmed. Immigration law can be daunting, and there can be a lot to process. So we structured our protocol in such a way to eliminate stress. The end result is a better working relationship between our firm and the people we represent, all for the end goal of having happier clients! Before we made these changes last year, we used to do more up front. For instance, our consultations used to contain a lot of information, and that’s where things could get really overwhelming. We sought out client feedback on our processes and made changes accordingly.

Our team learned a lot in 2018 and grew to meet the needs of our clients. So far, the feedback on our changes has been great. Clients love our new approach and no longer feel inundated with complex information. As we go into the new year, there are many things I want to accomplish. Right now, I’m considering how my team and I can work more efficiently. We use many different software programs and have systems in place to help keep us on track and deliver the highest level of service to our clients. I’m looking forward to spending some time early this year rethinking how we use the tools and resources we already have access to. I know there are many things we can do within the firm that would allow us to work better. You might call that the theme of 2019 — working better. I’m excited to help our firm grow and tackle new challenges. We will be able to take on more cases and help a greater number of people The more people we can help, the bigger impact we can have within our community. Immigration and its many issues can be an uphill battle, but as we look ahead to the new year, we want to even out that playing field as much as possible.

“The end result is a better working relationship between our firm and the people we represent, all for the end goal of having happier clients!”

–Zaira Solano

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