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Here at Lynnpro, my team and I print apparel and other products for great people all over the country. Sometimes the stuff we make is used for employee incentives, client gifts, weddings, political campaigns, golf tournaments, or trade shows, but often, it’s the bread and butter of fundraisers like themed charity 5Ks and school Halloween parties. Over the years, we’ve printed thousands and thousands of products for worthy causes, and I’m proud of that legacy. That said, these last few months have been tough on the organizations we work with. Schools, conservation groups, disaster relief groups, homeless shelters (see Page 2 for more on that), pet sanctuaries, women’s and children’s charities — you name it, they’re all having a heck of a time raising funds during the pandemic. I’ve hated watching our clients struggle like that, particularly when I know they’re good people who only want to help others. But I also get that a baseball cap with a school logo on it is a hard sell when money is tight. That’s why this summer, I came up with a brand- new tool to make fundraising easier, cheaper, more relevant, and more fun for everyone involved. In June, my team and I launched a website called It’s stocked up with more than 75 customizable products, including mugs, plaques, beach towels, keychains, earrings, coasters, and, of course, apparel like T-shirts and hats that you can sell to raise money for your cause. There are a couple of things that make this model different from just ordering off of our website.

You can get a customized URL for your organization (e.g., ClintonHighSchool) that turns our shop into your shop. After that, simply share a link with your supporters through email, text, or social media, and they can hop online to order. Your donors can support you AND get a product customized to their needs. They won’t be required to buy a product with your slogan on it. Instead, they’ll have extra options that might be more attractive to them. When they enter your site, they can choose from pre-designed products with your logo, products personalized with a photo of their choice, or fully customized products in any color or style they like. No matter which option they choose, they’ll be supporting your cause! This will make your shop more attractive to donors, who can use it to create meaningful gifts and souvenirs that can be shipped anywhere in the country. A cute mug with their grandson’s face on it will probably be a much easier sell than a T-shirt with a company logo! Perhaps best of all, you won’t have to do any money collection, product ordering, or distribution. We’ll process and print each order, then mail it out and pass on the profits to you. This will free you and your team up to do more important work!

This model has already been a big hit with our clients. The products really deliver a wow factor to donors, and the whole process couldn’t be easier. It’s quick, too — after you reach out to us, we can have your online store live within 24 hours. Because we know times are hard, we’re also doing everything we can to keep costs down for you. There’s no fee to set up your customized website, and we won’t ever send you a bill if your site isn’t profitable. While we do reserve the right to hold $100 out of your profits if you sell less than $1,000, beyond $1,000, there’s no deduction from your commission. On top of that, our products have a high profit margin, so you can easily make thousands for your cause. If you sign up for the service, we’ll do a full onboarding with you to explain how to leverage your shop and set yourself up for success. I wouldn’t be surprised if you cleared $10,000 with the right marketing! I’m excited about this opportunity because it’s a win-win-win for you, your supporters, and my team. To learn more, give us a call today at 563- 243-6459 or email –Jeff Saxby

“I’m excited about this opportunity because it’s a win-win-win for you, your supporters, and my team.”

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