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Dr. Kourosh Maddahi

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June 2017

A Source of Inspiration


Every patient is different and requires a distinct treatment plan to address their specific needs. More often than not, the treatment is relatively straightforward, whether a patient desires veneers or wishes to correct a lifelong issue. However, there are cases that present unique challenges that require a dedicated team to solve. For instance, there was one case that was featured on the TV show “The Doctors.” The 30-year-old man lived a healthy lifestyle, but even so, he developed a rare genetic disease that primarily affected his legs. After several tests and misdiagnoses, he was given medication to manage the pain and his condition. Unfortunately, one of the side effects of the medication was severe dry mouth. Many medications cause dry mouth, but in the case of this patient, it was particularly troublesome. As a result, the dry mouth led to rampant tooth decay and cavities. This highlights saliva’s important role in managing decay-causing bacteria in the mouth. The decay became so significant that the patient began losing teeth. At the same time, he was in pain and it was difficult for him to walk. His health was declining and he needed a solution, which brought him to us. When we consulted with him, he only had two teeth remaining, and the roots of his missing teeth had become infected. This presented us with a challenge: The infection had to be dealt with before we moved forward. Complicating matters, the patient was on multiple medications, including blood thinners. When it comes to oral surgery, blood thinners present a challenge all their own. We had to consider the risks to the patient if he continued or discontinued the medication. If we took him off blood thinners, he would be at risk for stroke, heart attack, and lung embolism.

efforts to repair this patient’s smile to get him a step closer to living a normal life once more.

In the end, we decided to temporarily discontinue the blood thinner. During surgery, he was closely monitored for signs of blood clots and other complications. We extracted the decayed teeth, cleared the infection, and installed implants, successfully restoring his smile. Despite the obstacles this case presented, through meticulous planning and comprehensive analysis, we helped a patient whose initial outlook appeared grim. We addressed significant decay and restored a healthy, happy smile. It’s a testament to not only the skill and know-how of the involved professionals, but also the advances in oral health care. This patient and his case are sources of hope and inspiration; and it shows that even the most monumental challenges can be conquered.

- Dr. Maddahi

We needed to assemble a plan. I, along with a hematologist, an oral surgeon, a lab technician, and an anesthesiologist, coordinated our



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