Kinect: Improve Health With 4 Easy Stretches

Outstanding Patient Results

Evelyn Birkemowas referred toKinect by several people in her neighborhood. She came into the Chandler Clinic after a total knee replacement. She walked in with a walker and within weeks she moved to a cane. By the end of her treatment she was walking without both. Her goal was to be able to walk her dog around the park with no pain. She achieved her goal. In her words “I now walk unassisted (no cane or walker) and can go places with confidence that I won’t fall.” - Evelyn B. I can go places with confidence that I won’t fall!

I can sleep and do everyday activities!

“When I came to Kinect, I was experiencing shoulder pain and unable to do everyday activities and having trouble sleeping. Now, I can sleep and do everyday activities with ease. Maddi has been the best physical therapist I have ever had work on me and with me.” - Tina D.

I can lift weights over 10lbs!

“Before coming to Kinect, I couldn’t walk properly, run or lift more than 10 lbs inweight.Nowsincedoing therapy, Ican liftweightsover10lbs,mybalance is betterand Ican jumpagain.ThankyouKinectforallyouhavedone.” - JaxonM.

Halloween At The Kinect Clinics!

Each year, our offices come to Kinect dressed for the holidays. This year Halloween was no exception!! Check out the photos of your favorite therapist or team member. After holding a Facebook vote, it was unanimous. The San Tan Valley office was voted for having the best costumes!

San Tan Valley

Mesa office as “StarBucks”

Glendale as Pac-Man!

Chandler as Super Heros and Harry Potter!

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