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WEDCO selects PTubes Incorporated as Innovator of the Year Wayne County, Pennsylvania is home to innovative companies changing the world ratio between indoor and the fresh air we breathe.

S ince 2003, the Wayne Economic Development Corporation (WEDCO) has recognized Wayne County companies for their enterpris- ing spirit, determination, and creativity that helps to invigo- rateWayne County’s economy, promote job creation or reten- tion, and enriches the County’s character and uniqueness. WEDCO selected PTubes Incorporated, doing business as PT, as its Innovator of the Year for the company’s innova- tive products, approach to the market, and rapid growth. PT is quickly becoming one of the

most respected manufacturers in the HVAC industry. PTubes, Inc. D/B/A PT man- ufactures RYNO line sets in Honesdale PA. A line set is a key component of HVAC sys- tems. HVAC systems account for 50% of energy consumption in US households and 32% of energy used in the nation. By comparison, transportation is responsible for 26% of all energy consumption. In the United States, we live in terms of thermohydrometric comfort controlling temperature, air- flow, humidity, the quantity of particles in the air, and the

continued on page 16B Prior to 2011, line sets were assembled by inserting cop- per tubing into a foam tube, without an outer jacket. This process also created an air gap between the foam tube and copper creating thermal The combination of new me- chanical and digital technolo- gies is creating appliances that save considerable energy and money. One example is the use of Mini-Split and Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) ap- pliances that can deliver both heating and cooling using the same unit and offers better humidity and air-flow control, much higher efficiency, and heating/cooling flexibility. Flexibility saves energy by creating the ability to heat a room or area independently, instead of heating an entire facility or home. A line set is a key component of Mini-Splits and VRF sys- tems consisting of two copper tubes encased in insulation that transports the refrigerant used for heat exchange. Line sets are one of the key drivers in increasing efficiency and reducing energy usage, in turn saving money. PTube Inc’s innovation in manufacturing focuses on the insulation surrounding the cop- per tubing in line sets. By using specialized technologies devel- oped by PT and patented in the United States and Italy, the company works to constantly increase the insulating ability and durability of the mate- rial surrounding the tubing. The materials and technology developed by PT also reduces the carbon footprint of an HVAC system. Just 8 ft of PT’s insulation 1/2 inch thick on a 3/4 inch copper pipe used for refrigeration saves the carbon equivalent of one tree. PT’s in- novation saves the equivalent of millions of trees each year and enhances the reliability of HVAC equipment by protecting the copper pipe from severe external temperatures and environmental conditions.

WEDCO Officers present the Innovator of the Year Award to Nicola Pilone, president & CEO of PTubes, Inc, Honesdale. Shown from left: Tony Herzog, Tina Diehl, Nicola Pilone, and Wayne Stephens.

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