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FEELING GOOD PALM BEACH With Covid-19 dominating nearly every waking moment, I thought we’d take a little break and talk about something else; somethingwe can fully control. Taking care of ourselves. This might be the ultimate expression of love for ourselves, and for those we cherish most. Our loved ones’ lives are richer with us in them in a vibrant, active, and joyous way. Yes, it takes work, but in my humble opinion, nothing is more worthwhile! 3 Steps to a Healthier and More Joyful Future: 1. Self-Awareness: Being honest with yourself is the first step. Without judgement, take a realistic look at your current state of health. Measure what matters! Basic health indicators like weight, heart rate, and blood pressure are a great place to start. Log this daily (and yes, studies now suggest that daily weighing is advantageous in the pursuit of a healthy weight!).

2. Get inspired: Take some time to think about the consequences of your current health. Howwill your behaviors today negatively impact those you love tomorrow? This can be incrediblymotivating! In our house we often talk about setting your vision, having the courage to face head-on the obstacles and challenges of today, and having faith that you will prevail in the end (from The Stockdale Paradox). This is not only for ourselves but for the benefit of others. *A mentor of mine says he always works harder for others than he does for himself. What a tremendous lens to view the world through!* 3. Act: Download the Daily Dozen App today (by Dr. Michael Greger, one of the world’s foremost evidenced-based nutrition researchers). It’s a great tool to aid you in making small, hugely impactful changes to the way you eat. I wish you strength and courage as you reflect, get inspired, and spring into action. A healthy, vibrant, rich, and rewarding journey awaits.

Feedback from focus groups we heard from in 2019 seem to reinforce this concept. Recurrent themes kept coming up including: a fear of being unable to take care of yourself; a fear of not being able to do the things you love with those you love; and a fear of over-reliance on those you love. Houston, we have a problem! Unfortunately, the typical American isn’t doing too well at taking care of themselves. A couple of quick numbers tell the story! • Heart disease is our #1 killer claiming ~647,457 lives a year in the U.S. (CDC 2017) • 42.4% (~ 147 million) of Americans suffer from obesity (CDC 2017-2018) • 10.5% (~34.2million) of Americans have diabetes (CDC 2020) If your current lifestyle includes consuming the Standard American Diet (SAD), and following the standard American strengthening, flexibility, and cardiovascular habits, it is reasonable to expect to become part of the statistics above. There isGREAT news though! Becoming a student of healthy living holds great promise for each of us! IN FACT, these conditions are completely avoidable for most of us through basic lifestyle changes!

LYL (Love Your Life), Mike Graves, MSPT President & CEO

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