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Traffic safety in Clarence-Rockland occupies UCPR


Gettingmotorists to slow down, paymore attention, and drive in a reasonable man- ner has become more and more of a prio- rity for the counties public works crews. Marc Clermont, public works director for the United Counties of Prescott-Russell (UCPR), presented an update report to the counties public works committee on various traffic signage improvements and changes his staff have been dealing with involving county roads. One case involved reviewing the state of an intersection in the City of Cla- rence-Rockland which has been the scene several times in the past for serious, and sometimes fatal, accidents. The latest mortal accident at the intersec- tion of Joanisse Road and Vinette Road in the Hammond area of Clarence-Rockland prompted the UCPR public works depart- ment to do a traffic safety analysis. The offi- cial name for Joanisse Road is County Road 21. Clermont noted in his report several phone calls of concern from neighbouring residents in the area following the latest accident incident. A traffic count and collision investigation was done but, Clermont noted, neither indi- cated a need for a four-way stop designation of the intersection under provincial traffic safety regulations. He added that last year the ditches alongside of the intersection routes were cleaned out and shrubbery and trees cut back to improve visibility for moto- rists approaching the intersection.There are still some visibility hazards on approaches because of larger trees alongside the roads, power poles, and the nearness of one resi- dence to the intersection. Clermont also noted that the accident incident report blamed excessive speed for the accident. One vehicle had been speeding along Joanisse Road when it struck another vehicle turning onto Joanisse fromVinette. Clermont observed that while he was on-site during the traffic analysis of the intersection, he also noted some drivers made a habit of exceeding the posted speed limit. While the analysis did not require a four- way stop setup according to provincial regu- lations, the public works committee is urging the counties to approve such a setup at the intersection of Joanisse and Vinette roads.

There already is a two-way stop setup at the intersection of Joanisse and Vinette roads in Clarence-Rockland. But that will soon change to a four-way stop sign courtesy of the counties to try and reduce the number of accidents at that location. — photo Gregg Chamberlain

Plans to put more local food on the menu

sell meat product which does not compete with its other existing shelf meat supplies. The EOAFN has talks in progress with one local cattle outfit which raises Angus, Cha- rolais, and Limousin cattle. Last year’s partnership of La Foire Gour- mande with the Ottawa River Festival in Rockland proved very successful in boosting both the visitor numbers to and profile of the annual regional food fair. La Foire Gour- mande organizers want to continue the food love affair between the two events this year when the river festival’s primary location shifts over to Hawkesbury. The EOAFN wants an even more gastro- nomic feel to the food fest. One suggestion is to pair professional chefs with local food pro- ducers taking part in La Foire Gourmande to upgrade the level of the food tastings offered. One last itemon themenu for the EOAFN is a project called Fork to Table. The idea is to match a professional chef with a local farm to provide a planned banquet meal opportunity for up to 50 people.The gourmet meal event would both feature and highlight local foods. The initial proposal is to offer one Fork to Table event amonth fromMay to September. The EOAFNhas applied to Celebrate Ontario for a grant to support the project.


So far there’s good news about good eating available from the Prescott-Russell region. The agricultural advisory committee for the United Counties of Prescott-Rus- sell (UCPR) enjoyed a first-quarter review from the EasternOntario Agri Food Network (EOAFN) of themenu of local food and beve- rages offerings promoted last year through the Viande de l’Est project. St-Albert cheese and eggs from Laviolette’s farm operations saw increased sales through Metro store outlets. The grocery chain wants more of the same products during the next phase of its participation in Viande de l’Est along with products from Skotidakis Goat Farms and also a supply of handprepped spinach and cheese quiche La Bînerie de Plantagenet, with a condition that the quiches contain a specific amount of local produce. The three-year contract between Metro and EOAFN for the Viande de l’Est project includes an “exclusive right” clause that bars providing the same products to any of the chain’s fellow chain store competitors. But EOAFN is allowed to set up counters

in small independent outlets so there are plans to provide such kiosks at the St-Al- bert Cheese Co-Op and also at the L’Orignal Packing’s meat store and at Marché Lacroix in Hawkesbury. Plans for marketing local Belgian Blue Beef through Metro stores were tabled be- cause of unforeseen problems. The food chain still wants some formof Prescott-Rus-


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