Northern PT: 6 Simple Steps to Make Your Knees Feel Great

Have you noticed in recent years that your knees seem to be getting bigger? Is this correlated with more popping, grinding or even pain when you bend, squat or kneel? This can be a sign of advancing stages of arthritis. The knees have two main fat pads, which reside just above and below the kneecap. These help to cushion the knee and assist with lubricating fluid flow around the joint. With arthritis, inflammation in the joint causes the fat pads to gradually thicken, choking the joint fluid flow. This leads to a vicious cycle of decreased lubrication, more wear, pain, and swelling. Will I need surgery for my knees? The good news is that recent studies show 60-70% of knee osteoarthritis patients can avoid surgery by getting PT first. (1) In fact, surgery should always be considered as a last resort after conservative measures have been tried. Furthermore, physical therapy is actually 40 times less expensive than a total joint replacement! (2) Improve your joint lubrication A physical therapist can actually help the lubrication in your joints through improved joint motion, strength, balance and coordination. The better lubricated your knee joints, the less friction and wear occur, reducing inflammation and pain. During knee treatments, our therapists work to improve your patella (kneecap) and joint mobility. This improves the mobility of the tissue around the joint, especially the fat pads. This in turn, leads to improved blood flow, joint lubrication and decreased swelling. The result is fast pain relief, improved motion, strength, and abilities to do physical activities. Walking, bending, jumping and squatting can then be done without pain. Put your knees on the right path to health with a visit to your physical therapist. If your knees are feeling tight, stiff, weak, or are just starting to bother you, come see us, before it becomes a REAL problem. Call us today and talk to your physical therapist about your knees. ARE YOUR KNEES GETTING BIGGER? A TELLTALE SYMPTOM OF ARTHRITIS

(1). Katz JN, Brophy RH, Chaisson CE, et al. Surgery versus physical therapy for a meniscal tear and osteoarthritis.NEnglJMed.2013 (2). understanding-costs#1

Free Tai Chi Monday nights at 6pm at NPT! Golden Ball Leaders take into consideration the ability and stamina of every participant. These gentle warm-up exercises and simple postures increase circulation and stamina, and can be done standing or sitting down; some people do a little of both. It is easy to accommodate individual needs. Golden BallTai Chi practice strengthens the body, calms the mind and lift the spirits. It is also a proven method to help develop better balance. The carefully designed Golden Ball postures of gently flowing motions encourage a natural release of tension and increase circulation. We feel more energized. This evidence-based system, used all over the world, improves health and in older adults usually helps our posture as natural flexibility is restored. Clinical tests point to the value of this exercise in aiding people to strengthen weakening of bones and improves coordination. Find out more at the following link!

Northern PT Events

Every Thursday morning from 6:30am - 7:30am our very own Jennifer Legacy-Gray, PT runs a Pilates class at Northern Physical Therapy. The cost for the class is $10.00. This class is for all abilities.

If you are interested please email Jesse Dimick at to reserve a spot!

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