Top chefs sharpen up knives in Plantagenet

peting chefs at work and also meet with other chefs in the kitchens." The annual competition highlights the passion, technical skills and knowledge of the chefs and also showcases their ability to make use of local produce and other items in creating both traditional and signature dishes. During the morning and afternoon, samples of various dishes are available for public tasting. Capping the day-long com- petition is the four-course evening supper that competitors create for the palates of a select group of guests. Starring in this year’s chefs competition are among others Vincent Croteau of Sau- mum in Québec, Gatineau’s Stéphane Pa- quet, and from western Canada Jonathan Boerboom. The winner of this year’s Défi des chefs will have the chance to compete in the na- tional event in Edmonton in June. Ticket information and registration for the supper is available by phone to La Binerie at 673-4383.


PLANTAGENET | Anyone who cannot take the heat better steer clear of the kitchen at La Binerie when some of the best chefs on both sides of the Ottawa River arrive in Plantagenet for a gourmet showdown. The Canadian Culinary Fédération cu- linaire canadienne Outaouais (CCFCC Out- aouais) hosts Le Défi des chefs Feb. 23 in Plantagenet and once more the staff and owners of local catering service La Binerie Plantagenet and La Cuisine Jean Bernard are at 650 Water Street providing both the venue and the support for the event for their fourth consecutive year. "It’s a real pleasure for La Binerie Planta- genet and La Cuisine Jean Bernard to put their facilities at the disposal of the chefs for this great occasion," stated Alain Lapensée, co-owner of the two establishments."The public is welcome to come watch the com-




Chantal Desormeaux - HRIC Rockland, ON 613 446.1251

Profits from the supper ticket sales will be divided up between a prize purse for the

winning chef and a donation to a local non- profit or charitable agency in the area.



Valoris pour enfants et adultes de Prescott-Russell désire informer la population que le centre de services Clarence- Rockland situé au 415, rue Lemay à Clarence-Creek est déménagé dans son nouvel immeuble au 860, rue Caron à Rockland . Les membres du personnel Valoris ont aménagé dans le nouvel édifice en janvier 2013 et continuent d’offrir des services importants à la clientèle de la communauté de Clarence-Rockland. Ce centre de services permet à Valoris d’être localisé de façon plus stratégique dans l’ouest de Prescott-Russell, facilitant ainsi l’accès et l’implication de l’organisme dans la communauté. La réalisation de cet important projet d’envergure est le fruit d’une collaboration de plusieurs partenaires et nous en sommes très fiers, de dire monsieur Lemay, directeur général. Valoris pour enfants et adultes de Prescott-Russell est le principal locataire de cet immeuble qui est la propriété de la Fondation Valoris de Prescott-Russell. Des espaces de location seront également disponibles pour divers partenaires communautaires et agences. Il est important de noter que les numéros de téléphone demeurent inchangés et vous pouvez toujours nous joindre au 1 800 675-6168 ou au 613 673-5148 . Nous invitons la population à visiter nos nouveaux locaux et échanger avec le personnel de Valoris lors de l’ ouverture officielle prévue le 19 avril 2013 . Plus de détails suivront ultérieurement. Valoris pour enfants et adultes de Prescott-Russell est une agence multiservice pour enfants, adolescents, adultes et leurs familles vivant dans les comtés unis de Prescott et Russell. Valoris vient en aide à plus de 3 000 individus et familles chaque année et offre un point d’accès unique à une grande variété de services et de programmes, y compris de l’intervention psychosociale, des groupes de parents et d’entraide, des milieux de vie alternatifs, des activités d’intégration communautaire, des services de protection auprès des enfants, etc. Les centres de services sont situés à Plantagenet, Rockland, Hawkesbury et Casselman. De plus, Valoris offre à ses clients un service de soutien 24 heures par jour, sept jours par semaine.

Valoris for children and adults of Prescott-Russell wishes to inform the public that the service centre located at 415 Lemay Street in Clarence Creek has moved to its new location at 860 Caron Street in Rockland . The staff moved to the brand-new building in January 2013 and continues to provide important services to clients in the Clarence-Rockland community.

The strategic location of this new service centre in western Prescott-Russell will facilitate Valoris’ access and involvement in the community. The realization of this important project was made possible thanks to a collaboration between several partners, and we are very proud says Mr. Lemay, General Director of the organization.

Valoris is the main tenant of the building which is owned by the Valoris Foundation of Prescott- Russell. Community partners and agencies will also be able to occupy available rental space.

It is important to note that the telephone numbers remain unchanged and you can always reach us at 1 800 675-6168 or at 613 673-5148 .

We invite everyone to visit our new centre and interact with the staff at the official opening scheduled for April 19, 2013 . More details will follow at a later date.

Valoris for Children and Adults of Prescott-Russell is a multiservice agency for children, adolescents, adults and their families living throughout the United Counties of Prescott-Russell. Valoris helps over 3000 individuals and families every year. Valoris offers a single access point to a wide variety of services and programs, including psychosocial interventions, parent groups and mutual support groups, alternative living environments, community integration activities, child protection services and more. The service centres are located in Plantagenet, Clarence- Rockland, Hawkesbury and Casselman. Valoris also offers its clients support services 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Beverly Byrne Reitsma, directrice du Centre de services Clarence-Rockland. 1 800 675-6168 —

Ms Beverly Byrne Reitsma, Clarence-Rockland Service Centre Director 1 800 675-6168 —

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