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Designed for professional agricultural use in orchards and vineyards, Silvan’s air assist sprayers are fitted with reliable and highly efficient air delivery systems. The axial flow fan produces a high volume of air directed deep into the canopy while avoiding damage to fruit or blooms. Canopy penetration is not a question of air velocity, but being able to displace the air that is already in place, in and around the foliage.

Non-drip flip-over nozzles are accurately positioned within the airstream to direct the atomised spray into the canopy, creating an even and consistent droplet size. This improved airstream penetrates to the heart of the canopy and reaching the highest parts of the tree. It provides excellent coverage of upper and lower leaf surfaces.

Single or two speed gearbox with neutral position for air volume adjustment

Hand wash tank

Polytuff UV stabilised, impact resistant tank

Trailed units available with single (fixed or suspension) axle or tandem suspension axle for increased stability

Galvanised chassis & frame for longer working life

Wide range of wheels to suit application and soil conditions

At the heart of Silvan trailed orchard sprayers is a diaphragm pump with brass heads and manifolds. All moving parts, excluding the diaphragm and valves, are immersed in a complete oil bath providing total protection against chemical corrosion. Silvan orchard sprayers are available with a range of 50 Bar (maximum) pumps from 67 to 249 litres per minute.

All Silvan trailed orchard sprayers are fitted with modular electric valves that provide greater control of sprayer output. They offer independent left and right section control along with pressure adjustment from the tractor cab.

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POWERHEAD® Silvan’s Powerhead® air delivery system is a revolutionary and efficient conveyor that helps produce an adjustable spray-laden air stream from the 920mm fan to match the shape and height of the canopy. By directing airflow into both the upper and lower regions of the target canopy the spray laden air is drawn into the centre through a venturi effect. The result is deeper and more even canopy penetration on both sides of the leaves ensuring maximum spray coverage. Ideal for medium size trees such as stonefuit, almonds and citrus.

AXIAL FLOW FANS The next generation axial flow fan designed with curved reinforced nylon blades provides an even airflow to both sides of the sprayer. The curved blade shape substantially increases fan performance while using less horsepower resulting in greater canopy penetration and spray coverage. Adding to the fan efficiency, blade pitch can be easily adjusted to obtain the desired performance from the machine. Silvan offers a range of fan sizes from 600mm to 920mm so the sprayer can be matched to the application.

RADAK® Growers with taller crop canopies prefer the Radak® conveyor which comes in three options to suit different canopy shapes and sizes. The patented air volute design maximises the use of the airflow generated by the 920mm fan, the Radak ensures thorough coverage of the targeted canopy by directing airflow into the

foliage from underneath via the bottom wings. The venturi effect opens up the tree canopy to aid spray penetration and coverage. Ideal for tall tree crops such as macadamias, avocados, mangoes, olives, citrus and lychees. The Radak is available with different top and bottom wing combinations to suit the application.




400L Suntuff Linkage Sprayer

The 200, 400 and 500 litre Suntuff air assist TPL sprayers are designed specifically for small orchards and vineyards, and for spray applications where high performance is required from low horse power tractors. The linkage mounted sprayer provides better balance and is particularly suited to narrow rows and smaller areas where restricted headlands make a sharp turning radius necessary.

Polytuff impact resistant U.V. stabilised tanks and fully galvanised frames ensure easy cleaning and long life. Quality components including high pressure pumps, close coupled to the gearbox and axial fan ensure years of reliable service with excellent coverage, penetration and control of pest and diseases.

The 1000L Compact Supaflo Sprayer is feature packed with an overall width of only 1.1m for spraying narrow rows in vineyards, berry crops and trellis tomatoes. It includes a 80L flush tank for flushing the pump, filters and spray lines. The 700mm axial flow fan is fully adjustable to suit the application. There is an optional aluminium conveyor available for trellis crops.

1000L Compact Supaflo with Optional Conveyor

G2 Supaflo Available in 4000 litre tank capacity, the G2 Sufaflo tank has been designed to be more compact. The overall height is 15% lower than other sprayers of equivalent capacity, and chemical transfer equipment and other features are recessed to reduce the risk of snagging on fruit and branches. A central operator’s station at ground level ensures tank filling, emptying and most maintenance operations can be performed safely and efficiently. Chemical transfer equipment is incorporated into the flush tank under a lockable lid. Sprayer can be fitted with a Powerhead or range of Radak conveyors to match your crop, canopy, shape and height (see below).

4000L G2 Supaflo with Radak and optional tandem axle


SCRAM Jet/AVOJet Utilising a turbine fan hydraulically driven from the tractor remotes the auxiliary fan unit is positioned above the top wings of the Radak conveyor. The high velocity air stream produced by the fan is directed into the tree canopy to add extra coverage to that each adjustable chute which can be fitted with solid cone jets or adjustable cannons to produce large droplets from the turbine fan for the tallest canopy. The AVO Jet has four nozzles per side assisted by five air outlets mounted to a hydraulically controlled frame which can be lowered for road transport. AVO Jet is available on 4000L sprayers only. obtained by the Radak conveyor. The SCRAM Jet has two nozzles in

4000L G2E with Powerhead

The Silvan 4000L G2E is a high capacity orchard sprayer in an economical package. It features Silvan’s proven brass diaphragm pump and Glideflex suspension axle for a smooth ride. The G2E is available with either the Powerhead conveyor for medium size trees such as stonefruit, almonds and citrus or the Radak conveyor for tall trees.

Optional Single or Double Sided Conveyors



2000L Supaflo

2000L Stiletto with optional flotation tyres

Supaflo air assist sprayers provide highly effective spray coverage in a wide range of crops such as grapes, apple, citrus, bananas, peaches and subtropical tree crops. Thanks to their proven features including the 900mm axial flow fan with air straightening vanes and high pressure diaphragm pumps, these sprayers deliver consistent and reliable spraying.

Range is available in 2000, 3000 and 3500 litre capacities. All feature impact resistant Polytuff tanks, durable galvanised chassis and framework, stainless steel spray bars and brass non-drip flip-over nozzles allowing an easy switch between spray rates. For extra flexibility the Supaflo series is fitted with a two-speed gearbox so operators can match the air output of the sprayer to the crop being sprayed.

The sleek Stiletto trailed air assist sprayer is designed to fit in the tightest orchard and vineyard rows with minimal disturbance to the crop. It incorporates a tough, low-profile 2000 litre poly tank which reduces the risk of snagging fruit on low branches, and a 15 litre built-in hand rinse tank for easy washing up.

The 900mm fan with air-straightening vanes delivers uniform air flow to both sides of the sprayer. A two-speed fan gearbox with neutral position allows operators to reduce the volume of air for lighter canopies and increase the amount of air when the canopy is heavier.


BRAVO CONTROLLERS WITH ULTRASONIC TREE SENSORS The Bravo ultrasonic controllers are designed to reduce chemical use and save time and money with less tank refills. The controllers work in conjunction with ultrasonic sensors

BRAVO 180S SPRAY RATE CONTROLLERS The Bravo 180S horticultural spray controllers are available with two or four section controls. They are compact and easy to use and ensure precise product delivery. • Monitors area, distance, quantity of liquid sprayed, working time and flow rate • Automatic adjustment of application rate by measuring flow rate and speed. USB port for storing work reports • Displays of spray rate (l/ha), speed, area, sprayed quantity, tank level, flow rate (l/min), field number, operating time and covered distance AXLES AND WHEELS Silvan sprayers can be fitted with different axle and wheel combinations depending on the terrain. The axle options available include fixed axle (suited to flotation tyres), Glideflex single suspension axle and Simplicity tandem suspension axle.

mounted at the front of the sprayer. These sensors detect the tree canopies or trunks which enables the sprayer to only spray the target and not the spaces in between.


Silvan’s trailed sprayers can be fitted with a range of tyres from 15” tyres for normal conditions up to 22.5” flotation tyres for boggy conditions.

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