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January 2017

SIMPLIFYING CRM FOR EVERYONE How to Make Handle Work for You

SHARING. Send someone a direct link.

example, there’s the sales call. Most everyone wants to know that customers and prospects are called, as well as the details of the conversation.

• CUSTOM FORMS. Integrate custom forms for processes that are unique to your business. Remember that a CRM should support the way you and your team actually work. The No. 1 killer of CRM implementation is assumptions . Just because you think something is happening, that’s not the same as confirming it. When you confirm, you get real information to work with, and you can use it to develop strategies for improving. It’s a cyclical process of evolving the CRM to improve processes, then using the processes to improve how your CRMworks for you. It’s a matter of testing, learning, and applying new ideas consistently. By the time you’ve done this for a while, you’ll be amazed at how much progress you see. As long as you approach a CRM as a tool and not as the fix, you’ll be in great shape. As for next steps, start brainstorming things you could improve. What questions would you like answered in order tomake better strategic decisions?What information should you get from your team?What will you do with that information to benefit them? And last but not least, what does your organization need to do consistently that you’re not doing today? – Gordon Hilleque

C RM software was created to streamline the management of interactions between a business and its clients. Rather than scribbling down a new prospect’s contact information on a napkin (or even putting it into an Excel spreadsheet), you can use a CRM to simplify the whole process. After all, the point of a CRM is tomake management of relationships easier , right? Unfortunately, this doesn’t always happen. Lots of businesses approach CRMwith preconceived notions of what the software can and cannot do. Companies can work with CustomerTRAX to learn how to best implement CRM technologies for their business. To simplify your experience, we recommend you build one screen around input, a screen where you can load everything you need withminimal clicks or data entry. For

You can set this up to capture important details during a conversation, such as the next follow-up date, a purchase they want to learnmore about, and so on. This screen will improve both the quality and consistency of calls, as anyone on the team can be up to speed almost immediately. Our software can also link with your current mailing service and mimic its features. Each screen in Handle has the following features you can use to enhance efficiency:

FIELDS. Either dropdowns or manual entry.

GROUPS. Used to organize fields.

LINKING. Link to other information, like stock numbers, quotes, etc., tominimize data entry.

PRINTING. Send data to a template and print.

Remember that a CRM should support the way you and your team actually work.

MEDIA. Attach pictures, video, and audio recordings.

ATTACHMENTS. Link any file that’s relevant. | 1

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