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A popular new community for homebuyers, Avalon West is the latest addition to 2(+*ƫ%*ƫ.(h*/ċƫ 0Ě/ƫƫ,(!ƫ3$!.!ƫ5+1Ě((ƫü* ƫ*ƫ%*/,%.%*#ƫ.*#!ƫ+"ƫû+. (!ƫ homes nestled among landscaped greenways, parks and ponds — all with easy access to rapid transit and Orléans great selection of major shopping and enter- tainment opportunities. Avalon


L’ORIGNAL | There may be a more visible counties presence in future at local arenas and other public recreation facilities in Prescott-Russell. A proposal from the Canadian Interna- tional Hockey Academy (CIHA) in Rockland for publicity space at the facility for the United Counties of Prescott-Russell (UCPR) has drawn interest from other communi- ties in the region. The $50,000 contract that counties council approved last month gives the UCPR a reserved display space for the counties logo at the facility. It’s part of the CIHA’s financial partnership campaign to secure other sources of revenue and be a self-sustaining operation. Mayor François St-Amour wondered dur- ing the Jan. 22 counties council session if a similar publicity deal might be possible also for the St-Isidore Arena. Other mayors also expressed interest in the idea for either their local arenas or other municipal recre- ation or community facilities. UCPR Chief Administrator Stèphane Pa- risien noted that such an arrangement offers good PR value for the counties. Ad- ministration will look into the matter and prepare a brief for the counties council’s economic development and tourism com- mittee to review for later recommendations. Counties head into the Cloud L’ORIGNAL | Counties staff in Prescott-Rus- sell will soon have their heads, and their office work, in the Cloud. The United Counties of Prescott-Russell council (UCPR) has approved a three-year project worth about $370,000 to upgrade the existing information technology setup for the counties office and staff to a Virtual Desktop Information (VDI) system. The VDI project will wrap up the UCPR’s IT upgrade project, taking advantage of the distributed computing method, also known as “cloud computing”, which makes use of the Internet as a virtual office setup through existing connected computers. It will allow counties staff remote access to their office desktops from anywhere in the world through a tablet or other personal data device so they can do their work, read and send email, do everything by remote access that they could do in the office. The VDI will allow the IT department to create a Data Centre for staff use. This will allow the counties office to reduce its an- nual IT costs. The counties will contract with Zycom Technology Inc. for the VDI project. www. editionap .ca Everything at your fingertips Tout au bout des doigts


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