Optical Connections Magazine Summer 2022


Upgrade Your PLC Splitters, with Grade B Connectors

Celebrating our 20th anniversary this year, Ensure has earnt its leadership position in the photonics market thanks to decades of advanced PLC manufacturing and producing premium components. As with all of Ensure’s products, optimum quality is guaranteed, with our PLC splitters, chips, wafers and fiber arrays, manufactured in-house, controlling the entire production chain from start to finish. Ensure’s Rockstar product, PLC splitters, have undeniably established a spotlight of success, however every superhero has its trusted sidekick – enter Ensure’s Grade B connectors. Committed to innovation and improvement , Ensure

from up to 14,000 pcs per month to 900,000 pcs per month ! With this, comes an impressive expansion, not only of connectors, but PLC splitters, WDM products, chips and wafers alike. Securing superior performance and huge capacity for manufacturing , enables us to secure our client’s highest demands by advancing their networks exponentially, overseeing every detail with the strictest commitment to quality control. By providing premium products , a solid reputation , and an ethos aligned with environmental conservation (packaging 100% of products in recyclable and compostable packaging) we’re more committed now than ever to continue upward, facilitating rollouts, as part of the eco digital infrastructure revolution.

recently acquiring a third factory, Ensure has added a further 11 core tuners to the previous 28, to allow for optimum alignment , expanding capacity of Grade B connectorizing

continues to invest heavily in advanced technology in order to supersede the market standard C connector, and create mass

production of the superior Grade B connector . Upon

Senko to showcase new designs at FTTH show

“In today’s world, there is ever-increasing demands on bandwidth from 5G, Data Centres, Edge computing and the IoT. Therefore, the highest quality optical interconnects have never been more fundamental in ensuring systems work to their highest capacity. In Senko, you have a trusted partner. From our engineering, design and manufacturing capabilities, to working with our customers to create the correct solutions for their requirements. At the FTTH show this year, Senko are exhibiting a number of products meeting the highest level of quality that you have come to expect from us. On top of this, we have new future-facing designs that

of the game here at Senko and it is through working

offer improvements to the architecture and overall network. We are also showcasing our wide range of Shuttered Connectors and Adapters that have proved popular due to their high-quality protection from lasers and/or dust. Where safety is a priority, Senko has you covered regardless of the form factor.

From the central location to the street cabinets, space is at a premium. Senko has new, innovative solutions that can save space without compromising on the number of connections that can be made with our new CS and SN very small form factors. Collaboration is the name

with our partners that we see innovation and create new solutions. Therefore, the team looks forward to meeting you to discuss how we can grow together. Come down to our booth, meet the team and explore how Senko can support you!”


| ISSUE 29 | Q2 2022


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